Axie Infinity is blown up but these 3 crypto projects can do x10

Acce Infinity Its AXS code retracted approx 20% From the recent highs where its price was close $14 Just a few days ago, this was part of an increase of approx 90% During the month of January for this project, which is one of the most important projects in the crypto-games sector.

The price of the AXS token is currently below the ticker $11.50 Some investors hope that the recent bullish trend will take hold over time. AXS still finds itself broken 93% Compared to its historical highs dating back to November 2021.

During this period, the price of the token was attracted in an area $170However, it is important to note that the latter increase is greater than 140% It marks the strongest bullish rally on the crypto-asset since the beginning of the bear market.

Note that the previous bullish highs on AXS have been in a range 70-80% before descending systematically. Thus, this latest move is seen by investors as a simple rebound to the period of the bear market as we have seen others in the past.

It is true that AXS is not the only altcoin to benefit from the huge rally of the past few weeks, as investors are regaining their appetite for some risk and focusing heavily on buying for the entire world. Cryptocurrency market.

There is a potentially very effective way for investors to generate great returns on investments, and that way is to participate in crypto projects that are currently in pre-sale stage. In this way, it is possible to position yourself in projects that are still under construction and get ahead of the rest of the market.

So together with the editorial team at Cryptonews we have produced a list of several projects with interesting characteristics that certainly have the potential to explode while being listed on various exchanges during the year.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG): Phase 3 to be completed soon

Meta Masters Guild is a mobile game based on the Web3 ecosystem that aims to include a wide range of games, each more fun and addictive than the other. The games will use NFT technology, which will allow community members to earn rewards, as well as be able to accumulate and trade items on a marketplace platform built into the project. The Meta Masters Guild aims to offer dozens of games, and the first Meta Karts Racers will be available later this year.

The Meta Masters Guild pre-sale is currently ongoing and is generating a lot of excitement from the market. Investors have collectively purchased the equivalent of over $1.37 million in MEMAG tokens.

These tokens are selling at the time of writing at $0.0013 per unit, but this price will change and will soon climb to $0.023 when it goes into the seventh stage of the pre-sale. This means that the investors who will position themselves the fastest will benefit from a theoretical gain of 77% compared to the last buyers.

Click here to visit the Meta Masters Guild website

Fight Out (FGHT): Revolutionizing the go-to for-profit industry

Although it is relatively small in the crypto ecosystem, the transition-to-profit sector has shown great potential and successes such as STEPN have been the inspiration for a number of other projects. However, the latter has not really succeeded in conquering the general public as well as the rest of the market, but FightOut has set itself a goal to achieve it during the year 2023.

Fight Out is a brand new Web3 application focused on the topic of fitness and fitness, it is based on a chain of gyms located in various major cities around the world, thanks to the blockchain technology in recent years. It will be able to reward its users for their training sessions as well as in various competitions and challenges own. In addition, thanks to Fight Out, it will also be possible to participate for the first time in the metaverse’s fitness activities.

Whereas existing Move-to-Ear (M2E) apps like STEPN only track the number of steps users take and require the purchase of expensive NFTs in order to participate, Fight Out takes an entirely different approach. The main goal of the project is to support and reward users for their physical activities, without the need to purchase an NFT.

Fight Out combines the real world with the Web3 world by focusing its project on the theme of sports development. In the end, the project plans to build gyms in all major cities of the world. At the center of Fight Out’s digital ecosystem is a smartphone app that should be available in the second quarter of 2023 according to the project’s white paper.

Fight Out will use data recorded by smartphones to evaluate the athletic progress of its users. In addition, the application will have its own blockchain economy, whereby users can earn rewards by completing tasks to go into profit. It will also be possible to own and customize your own default avatar, the latter being non-substituteable and linked to each user’s account.

FGHT is the token that helps power the ecosystem and metaverse related to Fight Out. Users will have to pay a certain amount of FGHT tokens to participate in contests and tournaments. Rewards from these events will also be issued in the form of FGHT tokens.

FGHT tokens are currently selling at $0.01714 and interested investors are strongly encouraged to position themselves quickly to secure their purchases as the price will go up in less than 12 hours. The presale has already raised over $3.4 million in a few weeks, and the peak level of $15 million will likely be reached before the March 31 date when the presale is about to end.

Visit the Fight Out website now

C + Charge (CCHG): Environmental cryptocurrency

Analysts at expect the carbon credit industry to be worth more than $2.4 trillion by 2027. With the democratization of access to this market, the potential benefits for investors appear to be particularly great.

C + Charge is positioning itself in this sector and is now building a blockchain-based payment system and peer-to-peer (P2P) network for electric vehicles, which would allow users of these vehicles to earn carbon credits over time they spend driving.

C + Charge intends to use the critical role of carbon credits as a major source of motivation for the adoption of electric vehicles worldwide. Right now, electric car groups like Tesla are making millions by selling carbon credits to polluting companies. C + Charge wants to open up the carbon credit market to retail investors and allow them to earn the rewards.

The C+Charge pre-sale has just started and the CCHG token is currently trading at $0.013. Note that by the end of the pre-sale period, the price of the token will have increased by 80% and almost $385,000 has already been raised in the pre-sale.

Visit the C + Charge project website by clicking here

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