ChatGPT is just a booby trap according to the head of AI at Facebook

Facebook’s head of artificial intelligence, Yann LeCun, said recently that he wasn’t a fan of ChatGPT. According to the official, this model did little to innovate and relied heavily on established technologies.

LeCun has it too Criticize the use of the term “artificial intelligence”. To qualify the ChatGPT model. Instead, he sees it as a technique based on a simple statistical technique known as “deep patterns”. These technologies cannot be called intelligent, since they still lack basic cognitive abilities. He also pointed out thatAI research is more complex and advanced than what is in the ChatGPT model.

ChatGPT: A model that lacks innovation according to the head of artificial intelligence at Facebook

OpenAI’s ChatGPT model is an artificial intelligence system that can be used to create conversations between humans and machines. Unfortunately, LeCun said that this model It did not introduce any notable innovations compared to other similar technologies.

In an interview with Collective Forecast, LeCun said so ChatGPT doesn’t really bring anything new In terms of automatic language processing. In fact, the chatbot is Based on Large Language Models (LLM). LeCun says this technology began decades ago. ChatGPT is the most advanced for persuasive text generation.

The official also pointed out that many natural language processing models are based on well-established technologies. Therefore, it is difficult to come up with something truly innovative in this area.

It should be noted that LeCun himself is a pioneer in automatic language processing. He has contributed to research on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and Recursive Neural Networks (RNN). These techniques have been widely used in the development of automatic language processing paradigms such as ChatGPT.

Meta already has an AI solution to compete with ChatGPT

Taking advantage of the interview, LeCun said so Meta has its own artificial intelligence program. Like ChatGPT, Meta software is too Based on automatic language processing techniques. Until then he can Processing 200 languagesSome of them are spoken, but have no written form.

He also pointed out that metaai software he Able to translate texts accurately and fluently. This makes it particularly useful for businesses and organizations that have frequent translation needs.

however, Meta refrain at all costs from spreading the news regarding this program due to the risk of misinformation and toxic content. Indeed, companies of this size have Great responsibility in disseminating information. They are under scrutiny from users, the media and regulators.

If false or misleading information is posted on their platforms, it can cause confusion and toxic comments.

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