Cité Gestion and Taurus: Stock Marking in progress

With coding, banks take action! – In the digital age, a new technological aspect opens up to us thanks to blockchain technology: stock coding. A new, accessible and modern way for anyone who wants to take part in new adventures. The first to rush into this digital breach is Cité Gestion. explanations.

Stock coding: Cité Gestion is navigating the next trend

One partnership From a niche that has been linked between City managementa fearless Swiss bank, and the Bull, a Swiss specialist in digital assets. Heart of the matter: stock coding From the banking juggernaut founded in 2009, Cité Gestion. This partnership is unprecedented in the sense that Cité Gestion thus becomes the first private bank in the world Your capital code Through Taurus.

This markup of bank shares was carried out in accordance with applicable Swiss laws. As well as compliance with the standards set by you Capital Markets and Technology Association (CMTA). The CTMA is an organization whose specific goal is to promote the use of blockchain technology in traditional capital markets.

Tokenization, being piloted via blockchain, is now the focus of traditional finance.  Like Cité Gestion, a Swiss bank that just went bust.
Tokenization: a process that will soon become popular with traditional finance?

Thus, Cité Gestion is at the forefront of innovation by being among the first to deal with these obscure and complex objects. Smart contracts that haunts the blockchain. Also, titles were generated using a CMTAT standard. It is an open source smart contract dedicated to tokenizing securities and Deployed on Ethereum. It is all under the control of the law firm Lenz and Stylin.

“At Cité Gestion, our vision is to enable our clients to take full advantage of technological developments in the capital markets, in particular the huge potential for simplification and efficiency gains that blockchain technology offers in this area. It was important for our bank to be among the first […] To mark up our shares. »

Christophe Ottilie, Deputy General Manager at Cité Gestion

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When traditional finance takes the web step 3

Clearly, Taurus isn’t on their first try. Created in 2018, it offers a full range of cryptocurrency services: accumulation, trading, issuance, asset custody … It has also long earned the trust of the banking sector. Its clients are many: large global and private banks, online banks and even cryptocurrency banks.

“We are excited to partner with Cité Gestion to tokenize their shares. We have participated in tokenization of 15 companies last year, covering a wide range of assets. Almost half of them are regulated institutions or organizations. We believe that 2023 will be an acceleration in the industry and we are ready for it Support private companies to take the leap. »

Sebastien Decimos, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Taurus

For Taurus, the Asset digitization It’s clearly more than just a fad. Tokenization of private securities is a trend that is being recorded for the long term. Today we see only the first fruits of it. In fact, being at the heart of being among the first in the field, Taurus has quickly made available to its future clients all the necessary tools: an asset tokenization platform and multiple services. All of this is complemented by a license FINMA (Federal Financial Market Regulatory Authority).

If previous years were those of NFTs, DeFi, or even the metaverse, 2023 could be the year of coding. that of migration of traditional activities, Powered by blockchain technology, to explore new horizons. all sprinkled, perhaps, A little bit of artificial intelligence ?

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