Coinbase: Fine of 3.3 million euros in the Netherlands for the crypto platform

broke down With cryptocurrency winter upon many people, Coinbase is no exception. The US stock exchange was fined by the Dutch central bank this morning 3.3 million euros, it’s a $3.6 million. A new hit for Brian Armstrong is complete The stage of restructuring and iteration.

The Netherlands fines Coinbase €3.3 million

our colleagues From Reuters so we reported this morning that De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), the central bank of the Netherlands, This is how he demanded this fine of several million euros after noticing this Coinbase You have not complied with state regulations regarding providers of financial assets.

Despite this lack of compliance, the crypto platform would have continued to operate successfully in the country between November 2020 and August 2022.

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Coinbase’s polar crypto winter

This new smash hit for Coinbase Reminds us of the crypto platform’s misadventures with US regulations. It was one of his staff, along with a number of members of his entourage Convicted of insider trading.

In addition, the exchange has also confirmed Stop withdrawals in Japan Due to delicate market conditions and fairly strict regulation. And this new fine just reminds us of that. Brian Armstrong’s company has already been penalized by US regulators for negligence. Then she mentioned a $100 million fine.

So the period is delicate for Coinbase which sees itself suffering the hardest blows for the most fun from Cathie Wood and Ark Invest who continue to work in Arctic storm painThird COIN shares.

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