StarkNet: Carbonable offers NFTs to help Madagascar’s rainforests

NFT to save forests – For the past two years, it has been NFT It has been at the center of attention in the crypto ecosystem. Unfortunately, it is difficult to assess the value proposition and impact of the majority of NFTs. from his side, Carbonable wants to change the game by offering NFTs with real and positive impact.

Carbon Against Deforestation in Madagascar

Island Madagascar It is in the center of an ecological disaster. Actually, during Over the past 60 years, Madagascar has lost more than 50% of its rainforest.

In fact, the Manjarisoa forest to the east of the island has been greatly affected by deforestation. Consequently, it has been a victim of fire charring techniques, overgrazing, and illegal charcoal production. All these activities led to the destruction of part of this forest and major changes to all the animals and plants that live in it.

This is where the project comes in. Carbonable. Here, there would be no question of a bunch of monkey-like NFTs with questionable scope. Actually, Carbonable would like to develop a group whose main goal is to help and repair these affected areas. by human activity.

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Carbonable’s NFT collection

Thus, on January 26, Carbonable will go on sale 1762 NFT. Technically, Carbonnable chose the grid starkent to release its collection of NFTs.

Various prices of Carbon NFTs.
Various prices of Carbon NFTs.

β€œOn January 26, 1762, the NFT Carbonable will be minted on StarkNet. With our credit partner Wildsense and project developer ForestCalling Action, we are preparing to step in to protect and regenerate this biodiversity hotspot.”

Each NFT will be divided into 3 variantsat prices 50, 250 and 750 euros paid USDC. These different icons allow Support ForestCalling Action in increasingly large areas.

The whole collection represents an area of ​​20.7 hectares of rainforest. The goal will be to use the money raised from selling the NFTs to He planted more than 13,000 trees From a nursery that specializes in the exotic varieties that inhabit this forest.

Additionally, Carbonable also wants to add value to NFTs. To do this, they allow their holders to receive a return. This will start generating 6 months after the NFTs are generated. Hence, NFTs work Investing in carbon removal.

For its part, StarkNet continues to evolve. So development of tools such as Warp transpiler, It will allow many projects to be able to migrate to the second layer, without having to adapt their own smart contracts.

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