The Menton Lemon Festival is launching its NFT collection in 3D.

The highlight of the Côte d’Azur’s winter season, the 89th edition of the Lemon Festival will take place in Menton from February 11-26. The chance of this event being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the opening of the first NFTs.

John Lemon mascot NFT version.

Without denying any of its originality, the 2023 edition – which will respect the theme “Rock and Opera”you will also bet on digital by selling, in a few days, from 5000 NFT numbers The mascot is John Lemon, which has been reinvented by the street artist Fabin.

The project, run by City of Menton, Mayor Yves Joel and Associate Delegate for Events Stephanie Jacquot, was coordinated by my hologramInc., a recognized NFT creation company in holograms, was founded and managed by Vanessa Rigo. “For 30 euros, the audience will be able to afford the lemon festival’s digital mascot. Equipped with a unique and non-repeatable identification code, this 3D animated work will not lose its purchase value, on the contrary, it may gain some collectors. Refers to Vanessa Rigaud while My Hologram has already distinguished itself by working specifically on NFT art projects in collaboration with different museums.

© My Hologram

As part of this event, My Hologram will also be organized 3D concert Featuring 34 John Lemons, at once similar, different and unique, every evening at the Palais de l’Europe in Menton, free and open access. world first. With this concept, Menton firmly enters the 3.0 city class.

information from my hologram.

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