A dark web market that has been hacked by a competitor

Sites on the dark web are fighting an uphill battle for market share, even if it means cutting through competitors. This is exactly what happened to Solaris, a market known for drug trafficking.

Solaris, one of the largest dark web marketplaces, has been hacked

Hydra was the Dark Web’s largest market even him Dismantled in April since last year. After the fall of this leader, New players quickly invested in the hidden side of the webHopes Regain market share for Hydra.

At the same time, there are players already on the market, such as Solaris quickly established itself as a new synergist. This Russian market gained between 20 and 25% market share after Hydra closed. This drug-focused market may indeed be Processing $150,000,000 in sales since its inception.

to me Blockchain analytics company Elliptical, Solaris has been hacked by Krakencompetitive market. That reveals the ellipsoid who documented the hack Solaris visitors have been redirected to the Kraken web portal since January 13th the last.

Dark Web: Kraken Absorbs Solaris Infrastructure

Elliptic’s investigations into this hack reveal just that Kraken has absorbed Solaris’ infrastructureEspecially Crypto walletsbut also Source code repositories. This hacking case will not be an exception for Solaris. This was really the last Hacked in December since last year.

The facts are reported by the hack writer himself, Alex Holden, an American researcher in the field of cybersecurity of Ukrainian origin. claims to have Solaris hacked. It would have been more accurate He stole $25,000 worth of cryptocurrency from the market. Then the entire amount was donated to a Ukrainian charity.
Elliptic notes also indicate this Solaris is linked to Killnet, a pro-Kremlin hacking group. Kraken will also be a pro-Russian organization, which negates the hypothesis of political penetration. Market expansion in the highly competitive dark web industry seems more likely.

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