Amazon and Cryptocurrency: NFT and Games Planned for April?

Amazonthe world’s leading retail company, will not miss the opportunities it offersCryptoworld Offers. According to several informed sources, Amazon is preparing to launch a website Displays dedicated to NFTFun and unique.

Amazon and Cryptocurrency: A Love Story

The company remains relatively discreet about its aspirations in the field of Digital currencies. Although they never closed the door on them, Amazon has kept it relatively secretive. However, his first initiative in this field belongs to 2013 : the program angles.

Company executives have not ruled out the idea of ​​integrating cryptocurrencies as Payment method on their platform. Now it goes further: Beyond money, Amazon has set its sights on NFT.

I’m open to the idea of ​​selling Amazon NFTs.

Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of Amazon.

This amazing news comes to us from our colleagues at blueworks. Contacting several premium sources, they told us Amazon is working with them Many Web3 companies. Their most successful projects are related to NFTs and the games.

despite of Sources Of this information and the names of the teams were not disclosed a few years ago clues.

In fact, Amazon works closely with Ava LabsAvalanche and encrypt it afax. The blockchain industry now seems mature enough for large groups. Undoubtedly, Amazon is also working on it Ethereum : open c He will be an excellent partner.

Corridor rumors even say that the tentacles of the company – which has more than a trillion capital – will go so far as to develop hosting infrastructure clean. will be independent ofAWSand many senior executives are focusing on this new goal.

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