Crypto, NFT, and the metaverse: Amazon is in full swing with the web 3

A spring of NFTsAmazon will soon unveil its own NFT project, which will initially focus on blockchain games for its customers. So the company will be about to embody the words of its general manager last April.

Amazon is preparing an NFT project, and its CEO has already announced it

Citing four sources familiar with the matter, theArticle On Jan. 26 media outlet Blockworks reports that Amazon is preparing to launch a “digital asset company,” with NFT initiative Which is scheduled to be revealed next April.

Although there is a craze around this project, which is reflected in the fact that many crypto media are reporting the news, this initiative is in fact NFT It came as no surprise to observers who have followed Amazon’s gradual intrusion into the metaverse and web3.

During interview during the broadcast Squawkbox In April of last year, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy indicated that although his company was not ready to “add cryptocurrency as a payment mechanism in our retail business,” Amazon Might Sell NFTs ‘Soon’.

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Focus on the e-commerce giant’s blockchain games

Amazon will cooperate with different encryption companies As part of the NFT project. These partners will include Tier 1 blockchains, startups, and decentralized game developers, as well as cryptocurrency exchanges.

The e-commerce giant will focus on Blockchain based games and related applications. The company is said to be developing crypto games for its clients. Players will be able to claim free NFTs there.

Blockchain Games for Amazon Customers: Coming Soon?

An NFT project could disrupt the industry, but its broad outlines remain unclear

article blueworks It indicates that the executives leading this Amazon NFT project have contacted at least one family office during the past months. The company had then planned to implement it Drop NFT with at least one artist, but his plans have since evolved.

In terms of governance, Amazon He will manage himself The platform that will host NFT games. So you wouldn’t outsource this task to the Amazon Web Services cloud department.

In fact, it’s still time to guess, with plenty of information remaining blurry Currently. For example, no one knows if Amazon Whether it will soon become a competitor to major NFT platforms such as open c where rare.

The only sure thing, if any at this point, is that the e-commerce giant will be able to rely on its large customer base, to ” Make an exciting entry into the NFT market Take the words of one of the sources he cited blueworks.

If this information is correct, Amazon may soon be making a significant contribution to…Adopt NFTsmuch to the chagrin of this billionaire who declared cryptocurrencies and tokens non-fungible It will be based on the “big asshole theory.”.

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