Faced with student rebellion, the marketing director of Total cancels his visit to Sciences Po Strasbourg

Supposed to hold a conference at Sciences Po Strasbourg, TotalEnergies marketing director Thierry Pflemlen, himself a former IEP student, had to cancel his university visit in the face of boycott threats from a student union.

Under pressure from some students in Sciences Po StrasbourgThierry Pflemlen, Marketing Director of TotalEnergies, and former student of the Institute for Political Studies, had to cancel the conference scheduled for Thursday, January 26 at the University’s premises: “The conditions for a calm discussion on this crucial topic of energy were not met, Thierry Pflemlen preferred to cancel his visit , in agreement with the school administration “, confirmed the director of the IEP in Strasbourg.

Originally, it was a petition launched by the student association Alter’Bureau, an association involved in environmental and solidarity battles: “Aware of the climate emergency, we refuse to offer a platform to a company responsible for a large share of the world’s carbon emissions, guilty of destruction.” Total knew the effects of its activity on climate and the environment for decades, but it has known systematic denials and lies, which continue today in the form of “greenwashing”, Defends Alter’Bureau in a statement.

“Bobos is offline?”

“These are separate sores,” Plague Friday on the set of Sarah Saldmann’s “Grandes Gueules.” “It’s overworked. I see blanket writing in the press release. We don’t care about ourselves. The people on the left who are supposed to be the most open are ultimately the most narrow. A conference and then it would have been discussed,” adds the very angry lawyer.

“When you are at university, you are there to learn”

This is exactly what was planned. Thierry Pflemlen was to hold a 45-minute conference before discussions with the students present. For their part, the administration and the students agreed to have discussions without terminology: “Our ability to interact, and ask disturbing questions, about ‘greenwashing’ was ensured,” confirmed an Alter’Office member. In France 3 Grand Est. But others continued their campaign for a boycott, which finally led the administration to revoke Thierry Pflemlen’s access.

“When you’re at university you’re there to learn, not for ideology, but when you have Sandrine Roussius doing it all day, don’t be surprised to see that,” Bruno Bommart laments for his part. RMC And RMC story. “Total is the one that destroys bakeries, we have the right to boycott, it is frankly bloated,” the judge, for his part, the educator Etienne Liebig.

A new affair seems to permanently bury the friendship between TotalEnergies and Sciences-Po. On January 1, 2022, Sciences Po Paris has already ended its partnership with the energy company. Because since the 2000s, TotalEnergies has been funding scholarships for some students since the 2000s and former Sciences-Po Director Richard Descoings has created an access channel to schools for students from priority education areas.

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