Philips Hue: Get these 3 can’t-miss tips before we run out of stock

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Philips Hue smart lights are customizable. You can link them together and create moods according to your mood or the atmosphere you want to create. Change the color of the lights to give warmer tones to the room and boost the fun spirit during dinner with friends. while selling, Amazon offers you the Philips Lighting Hue bundle at 140 euros. This box includes 2 E27 bulbs that you can connect to your lights. It is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can change the color of the lights and choose the shade you prefer from the 16 million colors available. Add a Hue Bridge to connect up to 50 lights to a single network.

Go further and make your home more connected to it Philips Hue Go Portable Light at €79.90 instead of €89.99 on Amazon. This lamp forms an orbit of light that brings a calming atmosphere, ideal in the evening for reading or sleeping, but also for calming children before bed. This lamp is connected to Bluetooth, which allows you to control it remotely, using a voice assistant or from your smartphone. in the last, Take advantage of Amazon sales to get the Philips Hue LED set at €79.99 instead of €89.95. This package includes a light and attached wreath that is easy to install. Thanks to the tape, it is enough to stick the tape on the surface so that it sticks to it and lights up your home. You can cut the tape to your liking.

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