Programmatic artificial intelligence for human resources in the service of recruitment and branding for employers

What is Cecil’s ambition?

This fast-growing company, which grew out of a Facebook incubator in 2019, helps organizations recruit candidates, students or coaches thanks to My human resources program. This new specialty relies on big data and artificial intelligence to find the ideal candidates for the jobs to be filled. One of the stated advantages of this method is to not only limit the exposure of the offer to job seekers, but also to find so-called passive candidates, who are already in a job elsewhere and who might be interested…

The increasing presence of algorithms in all aspects of daily life and the interest in artificial intelligence in the professional field of experts in this field indicates that 80% of job offers will go through the programmatic path in 2025. This leaves a lot of room for improvement for this startup, which is already part of Top 3 on the market, which quickly convinced big names like Sephora, Accor, OpenClassrooms, LCL and Winamax. His track record is not exhaustive, to the point where he has already received several acquisition offers from historic players. However, its CEO, Jean-Eudes Yahoudio, does not intend to stop there and wants to develop his company beyond our borders thanks to the significant investments made in the field of artificial intelligence.

What does automated hiring depend on?

Most recruiters will wonder why use HR software instead of a traditional job offer at a specialized job board or even an agency. Seeqle will answer you that the benefit is twofold: for both the employer and the employee. For the recruiter, the hiring process is accelerated and facilitated. The candidates suggested by the platform best match the search criteria. Data shows that 50% of candidates submitted through HR software are actually qualified compared to 10% with traditional advertisements. In addition, the search is centralized: HR managers do not need to go through every site and every resume. The sort is done by the algorithm to highlight only relevant applications.

For candidates, offers are more in line with their desires and this avoids disappointment as much as time wasted during interviews. To find these popular candidates, Seeqle’s database of 30,000 specific data points allows AI to accurately determine the selection criteria for recruiters according to their needs. The candidate is then automatically contacted through targeted advertisements on an app, on social media, or on the web to present them with the company and a relevant job offer, even if they are not aware of the job, the company, or the opportunities available for it. The level of compatibility between employer and employee is much greater and allows everyone to focus on real opportunities.

What are the companies programmed in human resources?

This type of recruitment aims to improve candidate selection processes. Any company, regardless of its sector, annual turnover, or number of employees, may be interested, even if organizations with strong (or recurring) staffing needs will find it most important, regardless of the type, level, or profiles required: worker , employees, technician, brokers or executives. It is rather the level of accuracy required in searching or often having problems in finding suitable candidates for the jobs offered that will lead to the need to use HR software. High turnover is often a sign of a bad approach to hiring. To find out if’s talent acquisition solution is right for you, you can test it out for free Employment simulation software, on their web site. Choose your criteria and see how this innovative solution works. The retention rate of this amazing HR technology is 95%. It’s impressive when you know the level of requirements of these big companies.

Recruitment and human resources are renewed and take a step of advanced technologies by artificial intelligence. Software HR is about to impose itself in all your recruitment and HR communication needs, our advice: get interested in it now before this technology saturates your market. Not skimping on advice (or being too confident), Seeqle offers plenty of information about its technology and the art of attracting candidates. On their various media: blog, LinkedIn page. Don’t deprive yourself.

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