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ESIGELEC’s new Bachelor’s degree in Maintenance of Intelligent and Connected Systems (MSIC), in agreement with IMT Nord Europe, opens in September 2023 in Rouen.

It is one of the licensing bachelor’s programs offered at Parcoursup and is accessible from science-predominant general stations, STI2D stations, and professional baccalaureate. The selection process will take place through Concours Avenir, on file and motivational interview. ESIGELEC, which until then had been running its Bac + 5 engineering program (400 graduates per year, 50% of which are work-study) and master’s programs (50 graduates per year), thus adds a new series to the bow with this new Bachelor’s programme, the Bac + 3 Bachelor’s Degree ( 30 graduates annually at the end).

Undergraduate courses aim to train graduates who work immediately and meet the recurring need in the labor market under pressure. The aim of the new Bac + 3 programme, for ESIGELEC, is to train professionals with experience in installing, maintaining, securing and optimizing multi-technology intelligent and connected systems. They will join sectors of activity that are in high demand, such as the industry of the future, energy, mobility, the city of tomorrow, smart buildings, digital technology, and health. ESIGELEC BSc MSIC students in agreement with IMT Nord Europe aim to quickly integrate the professional world. Some will be able to go on to higher education with a licensure degree (Master’s, Engineering Schools, etc.).

BSc in ESIGELEC: New Professional Program in 3 years

The MSIC bachelor’s degree from ESIGELEC in agreement with IMT Nord Europe will combine the scientific and technical base (computer systems, automation, mechatronic systems, electricity, maintenance practices, new management, data exploitation, artificial intelligence and communications) and the development of professional practices. This will happen in particular through an internship of 4 to 8 weeks in the first year and 2 years under trainee status, alternating periods at ESIGELEC in Rouen, and periods in the company.

Two majors in the maintenance of smart and connected systems will be offered in the third year: in the field of industry and in the field of services. Project-based teaching will revolve around 4 main projects proposed by companies and several practical works, which will make up approximately 50% of the course after 3 years. Personal support and follow-up from the first semester will guide students towards a first-year internship and then an apprenticeship contract for the last two years, based on communication with the network.industrial partners of ESIGELEC. Finally, the 4-week, turnkey, international mobility will be run in the second year.


ESIGELEC Rouen, strategic partner of the Instituto Mines Télécom, trains specialized engineers required for their skills in smart and connected systems, in 15 specializations including Sustainable Development Energy, Medical Systems, Digital, Automotive Avionics, Communications, Robotics, Finance, Business Engineer.. It has trained over 12,000 graduates since its inception in 1901 (just celebrated its 120th anniversary) and welcomes 2,000 students (under student status or in apprenticeship) including 35% of which are international students. In addition to the engineering program, ESIGELEC also offers master’s and continuing education programs.

Its Embedded Electronic Systems Research Laboratory, IRSEEM, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, conducts theoretical and applied research work with special focus on robotics, electromagnetic compatibility, autonomous mobility, electric vehicles, energy, health… In September 2023, ESIGELEC opens a site in Poitiers offers the engineering course, in apprenticeships in two specializations (Big Data and Digital Services Engineering) and, on the other hand, in Rouen, a new Bachelor’s program Maintenance of Intelligent and Connected Systems (Bac + 3).

About IMT Nord Europe

IMT Nord Europe is one of the largest engineering schools north of Paris with 2,225 students, a quarter of whom are interns, more than 600 graduates annually and a network of 15,000 alumni. It is part of the Institute of Mines Telecom and a partner of the University of Lille. Its mission is to train engineers useful to their country, ready for the world of tomorrow, and mastering both digital technologies and industry knowledge. Ideally located at the crossroads of Europe, between Paris, London, Brussels and Amsterdam, IMT Nord Europe aims to shape the talents of today and the knowledge of the future to support environmental, digital and industrial transformations.

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