In these sections, winter sales end this weekend

As is the case every year after Christmas, the winter sales are an important period for merchants to sell part of their inventory and for customers who can take advantage of attractive discounts. This year, the official dates are set between Wednesday, January 11, and Tuesday, February 7, inclusive. But some departments will end that period a little earlier, starting this weekend, he recalls PursuramaAnd with good reason since they started selling their products in the initial promotion. This is the case for four neighboring departments, the start date of sales has been postponed to January 2nd.

In fact, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Moselle and Vosges, as in every year, took advantage of not being bound after the New Year in order to fit in with the histories of neighboring countries, notably Luxembourg and Belgium. For customers, there are only two days left, until Sunday, to find good deals. The dates also differ for Departments, External Regions (DROM), and External Communities (COM) which each have their own dates. Thus, in Guadeloupe, sales will end on February 3, while in Reunion, summer sales will start on February 4 and run until March 3.

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Sales that will take place between May 6 and June 2 in Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin. For the residents of eastern France, there isn’t much time left to make good deals even if the third and fourth write-offs are often the most interesting. Is it still necessary to find the stock and required sizes? However, in the context of declining purchasing power and inflation, the French may have rushed to shops less than usual after Christmas. If the period Black Friday Not exceptional According to some merchants surveyed at the start of January, December was “good” with sales “11% higher than in 2021 in stores and 4% online,” according to a panel of forty brands. From the apparel market produced by du Commerce’s alliance with Retail Int. Everyone hopes to maintain that momentum.

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