The new school for training future Web3 players

In the face of the growing demand from companies in the cryptocurrency industry, a new school has emerged to train tomorrow’s talents in Web3 jobs. Called Blockchain Business School (BBS), it offers many courses ranging from learning development to project management, suitable for all profiles. BBS Overview.

The Web3 industry requires trained talent

The Web3 industry has grown exceptionally fast. Increase the number of job offers in this sector by 395% In 2021, according to LinkedIn data, experts estimate that it will reach 40 million by 2030.

However, the acceleration of Web3 development is so great that Companies struggle to find engineers, developers or managers Well trained to meet the challenges ahead and successfully transition into this new industry.

Faced with this note, startup Pyratz Labs decided to launch it Blockchain Business School (BBS)French school her will To support the talents of tomorrow in training for blockchain careers.

Located in the Ile-de-France region, in buildings of 1000 square meters in Levallois-Perret, The training center will officially open its doors in March 2023.

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Web3 training at Blockchain Business School (BBS)

Blockchain Business School offers Two training sessions of 3 months each. The first depends Lead blockchain technology And it relates to future developers while the second is called Blockchain Product Manager It relates to project management and entrepreneurship.

Training is offered remotely but runs around the red thread of several master classes on the premises at Levallois-Perret. Moreover, they are accompanied 2 months professional immersionfacilitated by many of the BBS network partners.

Students will be supported in finding their future employers and You will have the possibility to pay in full If they are not hired within a year of their training.

Blockchain Business School is open to all profiles, from employees in postal or in apprenticeship retraining, to job seekers and students. Anyone can find their way, no matter what Get a job in a company or embark on an entrepreneurial venture.

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Sebastien Borget: A spiritual father of the first order

The first Blockchain Business School upgrade will be sponsored by a well-known French entrepreneur in our ecosystem, Sebastien Borget. The SandBox co-founder also commented on the event:

“I am proud to be the sponsor and to accompany the first promotion of Blockchain Business School, thanks to PyratzLabs for this initiative. The Web is profoundly transforming the relationship users and businesses have with their data, and the behaviors and economic opportunities that result from it. This strong need for new skills must be Accompanied by professionalism that allows sustainable development of the web ecosystem. »

Also note that Sebastien Bourget is part of Cryptoast21a list of 21 francophone personalities in the cryptocurrency industry for 2022, published exclusively in the second edition of our paper magazine.

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