Tibu Africa and the Dutch Embassy in Rabat reward young social sports entrepreneurs

On January 27, 2023, in Casablanca Technopark, Tipu Africa, the main NGO in Morocco and Africa that uses the power of sport to design social and innovative solutions in the field of education, empowerment and social inclusion – the economy for youth and women through sport The Embassy of the Netherlands in Morocco is pleased to honor and reward entrepreneurs Youth in the second promotion of the Sports Orange Corners program focusing on entrepreneurship in the sports field with a strong impact on four main areas: sports and education, sports and health, sports and environment, sports and new technologies and big data.

“Social sports entrepreneurs are innovators. They are launching high-impact models that bring new ideas to life, unlock the potential of communities and create quality jobs for African youth,” says Mohamed Amin Zariat, Ashoka Fellow and Chair of the NGO Tibu Africa.

After a call for applications from young Moroccans and immigrants between the ages of 18 and 35, 12 incubated applicants were selected to benefit from the incubation and support program, from the period of integration into the program until the implementation of the project.

During 6 months of learning and support, young entrepreneurs benefited from training courses, bootcamps, master classes, and mentoring sessions aimed at developing entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in several areas, in particular: digital marketing, legal and financial structuring of projects, business model copy . Business plan development, etc.

The young social sports entrepreneurs armed themselves with the tools to turn their ideas and projects into businesses thanks to strategic follow-up sessions delivered by the Tibu Africa team, coaches, sworn experts and enthusiasts in the entrepreneurship and sports sectors.

The young entrepreneurs had the opportunity to present their projects to representatives of Tibu Africa, the Dutch Embassy, ​​members of Sports Orange Corners, investors, donors and entrepreneurship in Morocco.

Of the 12 projects supported, four entrepreneurs have received funding from the Orange Corners Innovation Fund:

• First prize: 150,000 dirhams, the leader of the Adapt’Move company, the leader of the Adapt’Move company.
• Second prize: 100,000 dirhams for Amin Talbi, owner of the startup Allobike.
• Third Prize: 50,000 dirhams, awarded to Iman Akshmar, Good Food Start-up Leader.
• Best Female-led Project: 50,000 dirhams awarded to Hasna Daher, Leader of the MNGR Start-up.

Here are testimonials from some of the Sport Orange Corners beneficiaries:

“I would like to thank the entire Sports Orange Corners team and the Tibu Africa team for this great experience. Participating in this program allowed me to change the vision of my project, I equipped myself with what a startup should be, and also for the inventory of profitable economic activities that adapt to the entrepreneurial environment “I am grateful to the Sports Orange Corners team,” says Mohamed Zakaria Bensaïd, owner of the startup Benzfit.

“Thanks to the program, I was able to launch my project after the support and information gathered through training and various mentoring of the stakeholders. I thank the entire team for their support and availability. I am coming out of this adventure with a lot of ambition and breath to develop my brand,” says Fatma Akdem, Poyz Project Leader. commercial.

“We are very proud of this journey, we have learned a lot during this incubation period. Thanks to the Tibu Africa team and the Sports Orange Coners, the adventure is only beginning now. For us, it is more than ever the time to lead in all sports,” says Abdullah Ghazel, Sports Leaders Academy Project Leader.

After rather telling testimonies from the beneficiaries of this program with a strong social impact, Tibu Africa and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Morocco feel reassured and comforted in one point: Sport Orange Corners is not just another program, but a necessity. be sustainable.

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