2035: Cryptocurrency emerges as the next monetary system [Crypto Dystopie]

What will our world be like in 2035? – our Preferred encryption Will they disappear or will they be more than ever at the center of our lives? Will the Bitcoin blockchain change the world? We have had fun, through Little stories, to imagine our world in the not too distant future. The following story is fictional and fanciful without any pretense of guessing the future. Have fun with us and go DeLorean JDC, direction 2035!

2035: Cryptocurrency, Crisis and Play to Win

In the year 2035, crypto is a payment method like any other

Jul 21, 2035 9:15 a.m. Boo – Like every Saturday, market stalls crowd Tahrir Square. The discussions reverberate in the main square which is already blazing under the intense sun despite the first hour. Alexandra walks as usual, looking for vegetables to improve her meals for the week.

– 3 artichokes and 2 choupinards you order from the merchant.

From now on, due to the lack of a favorable climate, agricultural products are genetically modified to withstand increasingly harsh weather conditions. Their number has been reduced, since all the necessary vitamins have been combined in the same vegetable.

“That would be 5,500 satoshis, ma’am.

10:30 am. – On the way back, Alexandra passes NineFungible. Behind the glass facade, new three-dimensional sculptures Pokemon Future & Past NFT Collection Crowded with teens looking for their favorite version.

sign indicating that these NFT Can be used directly inside BattleBot Royal P2E Contest (Play to Win) that starts this afternoon. She thinks one would absolutely need one for Aristide, her son.

In the future, the virtual world will take an increasingly important place in our societies.
Virtual competitions and play-to-win are the trend of 2035

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2035, in the midst of a crisis of monetary uncertainty

1:10 pm – “… For the past week, bank withdrawals have been limited to 100 euros per day forAvoid running the bank in this period ofmonetary uncertainty. Thus, President Micron declares that he wants to avoid panic and protect the savings of the French people … “So says Lieutenant-Colonel Jean-Patrick Peiris, looking serious.

– What a scandal, Arthur, Alexandra’s wife, gets angry at the news. We are trapped and during this time, the euro is collapsing.

– I wanted to warn my parents to ask them to take their money out of the banks, but it was too late, Alexandra answers. And then, anyway, Where to send it? They don’t have a crypto account and time to do all the steps, maybe it’s already too late.

Play-to-win competition at the entertainment center in 2035

3:50 pm – Inside the Sports Palace, the crowd is surging. Arthur, Alexandra and Aristide sit in the stands, not missing a beat from the show. In the middle of the virtual arena, a lush forest reveals its dense vegetation before the eyes of the occupied audience. From all sides, some are chasing each other to be the last survivor of this ruthless struggle for the trophy. One NFT In the form of a cup comes to reward the winner of this 4ᵉ edition of P2E Cup.

– …indeed, the fight is raging in the middle of the square, dear Christophe. Alastor mounted on a MechaVox chases a tribe Boredom Monkey Yacht Club (BAYC) who flees from vine to vine. Oh, someone is trying to defend themselves by throwing a A pair of adidas shoes explosive material.

– Indeed, brave Philo, but not enough to scare the dinosaurs, I’m afraid.

– Hey, in Pineapple territory, we’ve got Mario squishing at top speed among tribes of Pokémon from the new Future & Past collection. The latter attacks him with their attacks.

– Dracautank and Bloomfire surround the kart, which loses control and rolls across fields crashing into a rock. Looks like the battle is over for this player…

In 2035, people are looking forward to leaving the banks for cryptocurrency

Citizens looking for cryptocurrency solutions

6:30 p.m. – On the way back, Alexandra and Arthur stop at Place Verdun and head towards LaLudiKavern, the gaming bar where the monthly edition of the Crypt’Pau Meetup is held.

There is a crazy crowd in front of the pub. Many are looking for encryption solutions for them Bank withdrawal problems. The event organizers try to somehow answer all the questions. The game bar patron is running around looking for more tables and chairs. The little family goes to their friends who are already sitting on the porch.

8:05 PM – After returning home after enjoying a generous cryptoburger, Alexandra and Arthur open up about the news while Aristide returns to his room. Play Play to win MystiCryptthe latest modern Openworld game.

Abundant printing cash towards the inevitable revolution of the people?

8:25 pm – the news.

“…besieged governments still refuse to budge as protests grow in all major European cities, especially in France. Many citizens are now taking to the streets, bringing the country to a standstill…”

The euro trapped in a hellish cycle of hyperinflation is devastating savers who are out on the streets and seek refuge in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.
In the year 2035, a general panic as the Euro falls freely, and the population returns to cryptocurrency

– I saw that a demonstration would be held tomorrow in Place Clemenceau, Arthur declared to his wife. Let’s go ?

“…although the Government maintains that the prohibition of withdrawals will be temporary…”

Alexandra nods. Something must be done.

“…Some companies have claimed that they have bowed to pressure from their employees. From next month, many of them will allow Pay salaries in cryptocurrencyJean-Patrick Perris reads. Is it time to put an end to an economic system that has died and is now unable to meet the needs of the population? »

Will we have to wait for a complete break in current funding for the incumbent authority to recognize the bankruptcy of a sick debt-based system? Faced with the evidence, will they finally come to terms with their mistakes? Nothing less confident. On the other side of the spectrum, the Virtual worlds that evolve within the Web 3 Will it make us forget real-world problems like escape?

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