Anthony Scaramucci Firmly Believes in the Bitcoin (BTC) Boom

A few days ago, Anthony Scaramucci, Head of SkyBridge Capital, gave an analysis on the cryptocurrency industry. He predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) would explode, within the next two to three years, reaching $50,000 to $100,000. Although few market analysts share his opinion, the entrepreneur returns to the charge. This time he has new arguments.

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Fed policy change as a catalyst

A staunch supporter of Bitcoin, the CEO of investment firm SkyBridge Capital, Anthony Scaramucci, has it Express again On the growth prospects of BTC. Opinion submitted on Thursday, January 26th on influencer Scott Melker’s YouTube channel. Scaramucci’s position on this matter has not changed. In line with what he said earlier, he indicated that Bitcoin (BTC) will see a significant rally soon. According to him, recent economic trends seem to reinforce his convictions.

Indeed, he explains, with the recent decline in inflation in the United States, the Federal Reserve will consider limiting the increase in interest rates on loans.

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This economic strategy, aimed at curbing the rapid increase in inflation, would have no reason to exist. The direct result of this policy change will be to make borrowing more attractive to investors, thus giving a new impetus to the cryptocurrency market.

Anthony Scaramucci goes a little further. He argues that even if he was wrong and the US economy fell into recession, it would benefit BTC anyway. This is because such a scenario somewhat involves a loss of confidence in the dollar, which in turn triggers Bitcoin (BTC).

No offense to some, it’s time to buy Bitcoin (BTC)!

The position of the head of SkyBridge Capital is clear: now is the perfect time more than ever to buy shares in the queen of cryptocurrencies. A logic shared by many analysts, but one that does not stick with Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase Financial Holdings. According to the official, the BTC rally is more than just an assumption. He doesn’t believe it at all.

in He did the interview On US CNBC, Dimon called BTC a ” Forgery “.

For Anthony Scaramucci, this criticism of the financier would be another bullish sign. Because with the development of encryption technology, “Financial institutions as we know them are threatened and must adapt or die.”.

Either way, the Bitcoin (BTC) bullish outlook saga is far from over. and lo Many analysts are skeptical In connection with the huge rise of this cryptocurrency, its value is still increasing by more than 35% since the beginning of the year.

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