Prada has announced its ninth exclusive NFT collection

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Prada has announced its ninth exclusive NFT collection

Prada announced the launch of its ninth exclusive collection, the NFT “Timecapsule” during a drop on February 2nd.

Following the trend of Web3.0 Prada is more committed to the digital community and NFT lovers with this collection. How far will we go in this race to digitize and dematerialize all things, and for what purpose?

For the time being, the question remains unanswered in the face of the commitment of an entire community that does not deny the existence of these “luxury” objects that exist only on remote servers.

Created in collaboration with Italian artist Enzo Ragazzini, the collection includes T-shirts printed from the artist’s work from the 1970s. A rotating cylinder” for horizontal patterns. To this, Prada added their own triangular logo on the back of the shirt with a “February” print.

Thanks to this collection, Prada wants to attract holders of physical products to this collaboration with the artist, which existed before the arrival of the NFT. Thus these customers will be able to request NFT for their previously acquired products. The Web3.0 invasion never seems to stop, every luxury home is trying to create and maintain its own community.

About the group time capsule:

“The Time Capsule Drop is a monthly online event that takes place on the first Thursday of every month. Limited quantities of products from the Timecapsule collection are available for 24 hours. By purchasing a Time Capsule, customers will be able to redeem the corresponding NFT.” – Prada

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