Tomorrow’s Data Privacy Day: The Forrester and AFCDP Studies

Tomorrow’s Data Privacy Day: The Forrester and AFCDP Studies

Data Privacy Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of consumer data rights. This day is also an opportunity for marketers to review their role as data stewards.

However, according to Forrester, the collaboration between marketing and personal data security is still lagging behind:

Only 15% of privacy decision makers say their privacy team often collaborates with marketing.

Only 5% of privacy decision makers say marketing is mentioned in their organization’s privacy team.

Forrester analyst Stephanie Liu adds:

“Changes in the privacy landscape have a significant impact on marketing. Decisions made by regulators, technology companies, and consumers themselves impact how marketers access and share data, while adding risks to existing data sets, such as location data companies proving for consumers who take data privacy seriously. If they take their data privacy rights seriously, they are more likely to earn their trust. Trust is imperative for business – it is fundamental to generating customer loyalty and satisfaction.”

“2023 is going to be (another) busy year for privacy, with five US privacy laws going into effect and more bills passing through state legislatures. And European regulators are set to start fast… Changes in the privacy landscape show no signs of slowing, So this is a critical time for marketers to get involved in their organizations’ privacy programs.”

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