What marketing departments lack to make UGV effective – an image

What is a brand’s biggest fear when it comes to stimulating content creation among their customers? However, the said content, in the end, cannot be used in the form.

The quality, which is often mediocre, or the formats, which are always monotonous, can make their use disappointing, even dangerous for the brand.

However, for obvious reasons (almost) there is no need to develop too much (huge investment in technology and production, top-down messaging out of step with our times), brands have a full interest in using as many communities as possible that are just waiting to express themselves. All of which are equipped with the largest fleet of cameras in the world: smartphones.

The authenticity, passion and spontaneity of their communities are undeniable assets that all brands should be able to draw upon.

It is still necessary not to damage the tag.

So how can marketing departments treat the UGC campaign as risk-free?

Societies can express themselves in multiple situations:

● product testing;

● unboxing;

● Demos.

● Lessons.

● live;

● Certificates.

And in many forms:

● posts.

● Stories.

● real;

● pants.

● tiktok.

Well-generated, community-generated content is actionable in several ways:

● In advertising campaigns.

● on social networks.

● On the brand’s communication media (website, intranet, etc.).

So what does it take to increase the chances of making UGC video usable by brands?

For users, give them:

different formats : the ability to make many people interact simply, with different points of view, …

Stylish and homogeneous covers: to align with the brands values;

Simple and intuitive use via their smart phones.

For marketing departments, offer them:

Custom workflow : making it easier to manage UGC content brands.

While UGC content is still a boundary to cross for brands, breakout content (i.e. see what Pleasing is doing in this area) is evolving, and budget constraints are likely to increase in marketing departments, technologies are in Now to maximize these campaigns by maintaining the authenticity and impact of messaging while maintaining brand over form, and gaining productivity.

For example, QR codes unlock the full power of smartphones and allow communities to interact easily and quickly while respecting brand values.

Brands, associations, and federations that you want to promote around a launch, generate enthusiasm around an event, or even generate commitment to a cause are given the tools to do so. This opens up a whole world of possibilities.

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