Cryptocurrency lawyer: A job with a future

Concrete defense of cryptocurrency – when we think of deals surrounding the Bitcoin (BTC) sector Digital currencieswe think about it Developers and engineers Or traders and financial professionals. But another field of activity promises to be very prosperous with Many regulations (all more complex than the other) which amount to regulating crypto assets: Attorney.

Crypto Lawyers: Beacons in the Regulatory Fog of the Sector

Cryptocurrency related companies would go out of business very quickly and be spared in terms of compliance. the Crypto Advocate » Are they going to be totally soon indispensable to all of these companies? There is a very good chance indeed.

Like the reports Newly published by Coin Telegraph, attorneys specializing in the burgeoning crypto-asset sector are getting their start Previously To be very Research. Citing two academics working in the field of law, the article tells us that lawyers will and will help a lot. Navigating legal and regulatory uncertainties.

“Because of the lack of clarity and complexity of many regulations, Web3 companies will still need representatives to back them up with law and compliance. (…) Without them, companies could face serious setbacks as regulators seek to subdue the industry.”

Thomas Hook, Professor at Boston Law School and Head of Compliance at Bitstamp

Lawyer: future profession in cryptocurrency
The Lawyers: Future Superheroes from the Cryptosphere?

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Commercial lawyer: Game changers for blockchain companies

Among these legal professionals, those from Commercial Law It will be of more interest to crypto companies. The amazing pace of innovations In the sector that Bitcoin started leads to watch vigil Resulting regulations (to supervise).

For now, however, the majority Who these Web3 legal professionals would be External advisorsnot the in-house lawyers, who are directly employed by crypto companies.

“A good Web3 lawyer will be a good business lawyer. The best Web3 lawyers in the field started today as commercial lawyers (…). Knowledge of the technologies that make up the Web3 ecosystem will be in high demand over the next decade.” »

Dr. Aaron Lin, Principal Investigator of the Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT University

And this demand is actually already reflected at the level schools and the the students. In fact, in addition to business or engineering schools, there are now Also law schools who train their students in the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. So this is the case Boston College of Lawwhere the teacher Thomas Hook (mentioned above) has scheduled courses on crypto asset regulation.

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