Harry and Meghan lose two other key Archewell employees.

Harry and Meghan’s business Archewell has lost two more key employees – bringing the total number of workers lost since 2018 to 16. The company.

Ms. Taylor oversaw the marketing team during the release of Harry’s memoirs, Spear, and the couple’s Netflix documentary series.

The Telegraph reports that the duke and duchess are “extremely grateful” for the pair’s support, as well as their “vital recovery plans”.

The report also says the couple believes Ms Taylor and Browning have “exceeded expectations”.

Although they won’t be officially divorcing Archewell until late 2020, the Duke and Duchess have reportedly lost sixteen of their staff since 2018.

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The company’s communications director told the newspaper that the couple were leaving after “making their mark in the cultural zeitgeist”.

Oscar-nominated producer Mr. Browning plays an ‘instrumental’ role in the production of the Netflix series Harry and Meghan.

The series has been named the number one most watched documentary series on Netflix.

Reports claim that Browning’s departure will be followed by a “period of focus on producing scripted content”.

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Ms Taylor’s departure came to light after Sussex’s plan to “streamline the company’s marketing arm”.

Following his departure, it was announced that Archewell’s Chief Communications Officer, Ashley Hansen, will now lead the marketing team.

After announcing her departure, Ms. Hansen commended both Ms. Taylor and Mr. Browning for “creating and executing many critically and publicly acclaimed projects” and noted that both were “instrumental” in helping the couple tell their story to the public.

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Last month, after less than 18 months in charge, Mandana Dayani stepped down as President and Chief Operating Officer of Archewell.

Like Mandana, Rebecca Sanance, who was Head of Audio at Archewell, resigned after only 18 months.

Sananis was hired to produce the Duchess’ Spotify podcast, Prototypes.

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