Polygon price explodes but these 3 coins can do x10

MATIC is the native token of the Polygon blockchain and is mainly used to solve scalability and fee problems faced by the Ethereum blockchain. After being stuck for several weeks in the price region between $0.92 and $1.05, MATIC rallied to reach $1.12 last Thursday, up 13% from today.

This latest rally has pushed MATIC’s gains to around 44% this year, marking the cryptocurrency’s best month since July when it posted a 92% gain. The recent increase should allow Polygon to test its early November 2022 highs in the $1.30 region over the next few weeks.

This resistance level coincides with the 38.6% Fibonacci retracement that dates from the 2022 lows located at $0.32 to the late 2021 highs where the price was near $3. A break above this level could signal an upcoming move towards the 50% retracement at $1.62.

ribbed They benefited from a series of positive factors this month, in particular due to the great excitement regarding future blockchain partnerships with companies like Disney. Polygon has also benefited from the general rally in the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin and Ethereum gaining nearly 40% this month.

Some analysts say that this upward movement in cryptocurrency prices is mainly driven by macro factors such as slowing inflation and growth in the United States, which leads to more pessimistic expectations of monetary policy tightening by the Federal Reserve over the next few quarters.

The rise of Polygon marks the general improvement in the cryptocurrency market, a period in which digital currencies are generally doing well. Investors looking for cryptocurrencies with strong potential for the current period may be interested in crypto projects in the pre-sale stage.

When market conditions allow, investors can buy their tokens at a discount and easily get 10x or more profit on their investment. We have prepared a list of several crypto projects that are currently in pre-sale and have huge potential.

Meta Masters Syndicate (MEMAG)

Meta Masters Guild is an upcoming Web3 gaming focused ecosystem for smartphones that aims to provide its users with many games that are as addictive as they are fun. The games will use NFT technology, which will allow community members to earn rewards, and even be able to redeem them. The platform aims to eventually integrate dozens of games. The first of these is called Meta Karts Racers and will be available later this year.

The Meta Masters Guild is creating a preview of their MEMAG tokens so they can move forward with the development of their next titles. The presale is already showing remarkable results and could be the most followed in 2023. In just a few weeks, the project has raised $1.45 million through its sales of MEMAG tokens.

The tokens are currently selling at $0.0013, but this price will increase to $0.023 by the seventh stage of the pre-sale, which means that the fastest investors can achieve a theoretical gain of more than 77% by locating their positions without delay.

Click here to visit the official Meta Masters Guild website

Fight Out (FGHT)

The move-to-ear secteur is a particulièrement prompter at the same time as crypto projets, with succes like STEPN’s celui ont provoqué beaucoup de bruit dans la presse, et cela malgré leurs limitations qui les ont empêché de veritablement conquérir the grand -public. In response, Fight Out wants to establish itself as the leader of the go-to earning segment during 2023.

Fight Out is a brand new Web3 fitness app that also includes a series of gyms that reward their users for every training session. Whereas previous go-to earning apps like STEPN focused only on the number of steps taken and required the purchase of expensive NFTs to participate, Fight Out takes an entirely different approach.

Fight Out’s mission is to bring the physical world together with the Web3 world by having gyms in all major cities around the world while promoting a unique fitness experience thanks to Web3 technologies. The center of Fight Out’s ecosystem will be the smartphone app, which is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2023.

Fight Out will record data captured by smartphones in order to analyze the sports performance of its users. The app will also have its own economy with an internal code that will be used to purchase items for your virtual avatar.

FGHT is the token that powers the Fight Out ecosystem. The FGHT code can be used to purchase select virtual items or in-app subscriptions. It should also be noted that prizes for contests and tournaments will be donated in the form of FGHT tokens.

The FGHT token is expected to be listed on most major exchanges for the month of April with a unit price of $0.033. Wise investors will not hesitate to put themselves in the project in order to benefit from the best possible price on their purchase. The project has already raised more than $3.5 million to date and could pass the final $15 million threshold, which was originally scheduled for the end of March, sooner than expected.

Visit the official Fight Out website and take part in the pre-show

C+load (CCHG)

Carbon credit industry can level up $2.4 trillion By 2027. Crypto projects are now focused on environmental issues and this is the case for C + Charge. This project is currently creating a blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system for EV charging stations, which will allow EV drivers to earn carbon credits.

C + Charge aims to enhance the role of carbon credits in supporting the adoption of electric vehicles around the world. Now big electric car makers like Tesla are making millions of dollars selling their carbon credits to polluting companies. C + Charge wants the carbon credit market to be open to the general public and individual investors from now on.

C+Charge has just launched a pre-sale of the CCHG token that its platform will use to pay users at charging stations. The tokens are currently selling at $0.013, but by the end of the pre-sale, their price will have increased by more than 80%. Investors concerned about environmental issues will not hesitate to invest quickly to take advantage of a reduced price for their purchases.

Click here to visit the C + Charge website

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