Web3 will shape the boundaries more “phygital”.

Experiences that bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world, like the sneakers found both in the metaverse and on your feet.

An emerging use case in this area is utility NFTs, which are a type of NFT designed to provide their owners additional value beyond physical digital assets. Help NFTs provide access and articles to people who want to engage with brands and participate in the project’s culture. Wedding the physical and digital worlds, phygital experiences go beyond purchasing an item to display to create something more, they combine parts of the real and virtual worlds to create unique experiences. The startup Spatial LABS that just raised $10 million created a sensation in the industry last year by selling Sandu-designed apparel called Gen One Hardwear, which was combined with a chip called LNQ (Clear Link) that provided consumers with the source and ownership of the item’s history. blockchain.

Iddris Sandu Spatial Labs created and launched LNQ Marketplace, a decentralized retail ecosystem that aims to redefine how products are bought, owned and sold in the physical and digital worlds. Every item on the LNQ Marketplace is integrated with LNQ’s revolutionary LNQ One Microchip, which enables buyer and seller authentication and provides complete transparency throughout the product lifecycle. By turning physical products into digital passports in the metaverse, LNQ brings utility, traceability, andCooperat Real world basics of collectibles space.

LNQ is built on the idea of ​​creating facilities in the real world and creating products that provide a fully immersive experience. The LNQ Marketplace is designed to be a digital extension of each user’s physical collection of blockchain-enabled clothing. Items can be embedded with links to community platforms such as Discord, Spotify, and Instagram. When LNQ hardware single chip Scanned, a playlist, photo, profile, or additional media will open, showcasing the owner’s interests and unique tastes for bonding and making connections offline.

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