Culture D: Citizens Workshop! Toby, March 7, 2023, Lyon.

Culture D: Citizens Workshop! Tuesday March 7th at 5:30 pm Tunis time

Workshop organized by OpenDataFrance and TUBÀ, March 07, 2023, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

TUBÀ 227 cours Lafayette, Lyon La Villette Lyon 69006 Lyon Metropolis Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes [{“link”: “”}]

Big data, open data, self-data… data is everywhere! By the end of 2022, 97 zettabytes of data have been produced, a staggering number that continues to accelerate. This resource has become essential for organizations, as evidenced by the enshrined expressions: black gold, rough diamonds, fertile soil, etc.
Indeed, in a world where the use of data has become so pervasive, data mastery is seen as the essential skill of the 21st century. On the one hand, to train citizens who are able to understand the issues in a society struggling with digital challenges, and on the other hand, to provide a competitive advantage in an increasingly connected, globalized economy.
Committed to its mission of democratizing data, OpenDataFrance launches the Culture D project, which aims to enable everyone to seize opportunities to use data in both a professional and personal context.
Centered around acculturation sessions intended for agents, elected officials, digital intermediaries and citizens, its design will draw on collective intelligence to benefit from sharing experiences and feedback from the field. Like Culture D-ay organized in December 2022, the approach is to start from the needs and constraints of the target audience to imagine the most appropriate possible routes.

Why develop a data culture for citizens?

The amounts of data being collected and produced are constantly increasing. Much of this data relates to citizens as citizens, customers, users, users, etc.
Identity, consumption habits, health, tastes, travel… all aspects of citizens’ lives are involved. It is therefore essential to allow them to be educated on data issues so that they can gain the ability to act to:

  • Better control and protection of the collection and use of their personal data, and why not reuse it to get value from it (self-data).
  • Become a player in open data, by participating in the production of open data, or in turn packaging it for personal use or to contribute to the public interest.

Motivated by a shared desire to empower citizens to act, OpenDataFrance and TUBÀ are organizing a workshop for citizens to explore the levers of data acculturation with them.

Join us and get involved in thinking!

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