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This is a French company, expert in fleet verification through international acceleration.

Daniel Vasalucci, CEO of Optimum Automotive, stated:

“The in-depth transformation of company fleets and mobility in general, for energy conservation are issues of paramount importance for the planet. LOM in France requires that 50% of company fleets of more than 100 vehicles now convert to green energy by 2030. Internationally, the Transformations and legislation are also required to secure and rationalize transportation. One key to responding to all these shifts: knowing the uses, drivers and regulations. One solution: collecting data and applying algorithms close to artificial intelligence. »

Matrix view dedicated to 360-degree navigation issues

At the European and global level, Optimum Automotive offers digital solutions with new approaches to respond to all the problems faced by fleet managers, who have become mobility managers. Against the background of big data and processing intelligence, new challenges are being analyzed and accompanied on the automotive (all vehicles) and mobility (staff global travel) side. Thanks to the data collected from all sides and thanks to the detailed analysis of uses, the value proposition works, with an approach to optimizing costs and carbon footprint. The implementation of fleet management services and connected mobility, fueled by a center of rich, analyzed data, are the keys to success.

On the strength of its mastery of essential uses and data, Optimum Automotive provides all reports and advice to address current and future challenges, such as vehicle electrification, optimizing fleet sizes, and optimal travel management, both in the financial plan and in terms of carbon footprints…

Application example: Challenge to electrify 50% of the corporate vehicle fleet by 2023

Initiated under the LOM, the energy shift of professional car fleets towards “clean cars” (less than 60g CO2/km) is now imposed on companies according to a predetermined schedule. Since January 1, 2022, companies with a fleet of at least 100 vehicles will have to renew at least 10% of their fleet (50% as of 2030) by choosing low-emission vehicles.

Optimum Automotive, by exploiting connected data and powering algorithms, illuminates the selection of the most suitable vehicles to optimize the resulting total cost of ownership, secure drivers in their uses, optimize charging station options and locations, etc. It’s about providing a real, ready-to-use roadmap.

International presence and partnerships

OPTIMUM AUTOMOTIVE GAINED INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION VERY EARLY. In terms of analyzing the cultural differences and the needs of different continents to enrich its offer, but also to prepare its strategy that aims to become one of the world leaders in this field.

On the African continent, Optimum Automotive has been building a significant network since 2015 thanks to its subsidiaries in Côte d’Ivoire and Morocco. Its secret is to locate expert, high-volume companies that benefit from seniority and significant client portfolios in the fields of IT or Automotive, and this in various French-speaking or English-speaking African countries.

Since 2020, CFAO, a subsidiary of Toyota, has been proposing specialized solutions in the field of connectivity, under the name LOXEA CONNECT. Optimum Automotive is proud to support CFAO and LOXEA in over 15 African countries (Senegal, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Gabon, DRC, Congo, Madagascar, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Niger, Uganda, Burkinabe, Mali, Gambia, and Togo). This approach allows Optimum Automotive to respond not only to local issues, but also to African tenders.

In 2023, Optimum Automotive Objects, on the one hand, expands its geographic footprint in various continents, with an organic approach, but also inorganic, with several acquisitions underway or in the pipeline. And on the other hand, to highlight corporate mobility management in general, in particular through the official launch of the new TripKeeper service, which makes it possible to expand analytics and improve TCO, towards TCM … This approach appeals not only to small and medium-sized companies, but also to international groups. … as proof of the deployment of optimum automotive solutions with ALLIANZ, the leader in insurance for its 2,600 vehicles. This global approach to cost responsibility and carbon footprint issues demonstrates awareness of the importance of controlling data in order to make informed choices.

About Optimum Automotive:

With over 16 years of data science leadership and experience in the connected vehicle and mobility market, Optimum Automotive is a European company with over 100 employees. It designs, develops and markets innovative solutions for businesses and local authorities seeking to improve the financial and environmental impact of their vehicle fleets. The company’s presence continues to grow through subsidiaries and distributor network in Europe, Africa and the Americas. Today, Optimum Automotive operates a total of 140,000 vehicles, or 7,500 businesses of all sizes, spread across three continents and 35 countries.

read more : http://www.optimum-automotive.com

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