Bitcoin enjoyed its best January in a decade

In January, the bitcoin price rose 38%, achieving its best performance for the month in 10 years.

Bitcoin is still the queen of cryptocurrencies, far ahead of other assets. With a gain of 38% in January, bitcoin closed out for its best January performance in 10 years. At the time, the value of the cryptocurrency was only $20, compared to about $23,000 at the time of writing this paper. The cryptocurrency queen almost surpassed its 40% rally in October 2021, which took it to $69,000.

It is also next to the incoming volumes that are played. January’s numbers are pretty staggering, at $115.6 billion. Bitcoin alone attracted 98% of the inflows. Likewise, with regard to the so-called short bitcoin, that is, the bitcoin we sell, the volumes are $4.4 billion, so there is a margin and the buying interest remains large compared to the selling interest.

When it comes to Ether, $2.3 billion in trading volumes were invested in January. As a result, Bitcoin remains the medium of choice for the majority of investors, both well-informed playing the structural side now, and expanding its use for trade, to serve as a basis for the renewal of financial infrastructures, for its integration with Web3 and Web-only.

We know that Amazon and Twitter have recently revealed major projects to integrate cryptocurrencies into payment systems. This is all we play with bitcoin which, despite losing 37% in one year, has more than doubled in value by more than…1000 in 10 years.

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