Crypto regulation: Eventus gives its opinion

Eventus is a Texas-based compliance software company. As a partner of many crypto companies, it provides expert advice on compliance enforcement at the corporate level. Eventus recently talked about the current encryption regulations. It confirms two key points: the lack of metrics and the existence of an infrastructure to monitor the cryptocurrency market.

According to Eventus, there is already an infrastructure dedicated to effectively monitoring the crypto market and thus improving crypto regulation

Unsatisfactory enforcement measures, but crypto regulation is entirely possible

In cooperation with the regulatory authorities, each country It strives to put in place adequate and above all effective cryptographic regulations. The goal: to protect investors and users as much as possible.

For its part, Eventus believes that global crypto regulations are not clear compared to those of other asset classes. Despite a more prescriptive approach, the current regulation of cryptocurrencies is still not satisfactory. However, crypto companies can comply with crypto regulations, especially since there is already dedicated infrastructure for this. “The technology is there to monitor cryptocurrency trading on a large scale and in near real time,” he said. announce Eventus representative.

Eventus, a benchmark for commercial monitoring solutions

Eventus is now one of the world’s leading multi-class commercial asset monitors and market risk. It works with many well-known crypto companies, such as Coinbase and Gemini. This is also the case with Derbit, the largest crypto options exchange. I just signed a contract with Eventus for their trading monitoring platform.

Eventus was also awarded as the best market monitoring and trading solution for virtual assets. List of prizes awarded within 5H Regulation Asia Annual Awards Ceremony. This event took place on November 22, 2022.

Despite the lack of clear and precise cryptocurrency regulations, Eventus is still optimistic. This commercial watch company thinks so encryption compliance can work. The reason is simple: there is a dedicated infrastructure to monitor the cryptocurrency market effectively.

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