Discover the #1 option for internet users to remain anonymous

From protecting privacy against hackers to being able to circumvent geographic restrictions on certain sites and services, there are many reasons people might want to protect their anonymity online. Between VPN, Tor Browser and Which Proxy Do You Prefer?

Confidentiality and security are among the main concerns of Internet users when browsing the web. It must be said that while cyber attacks continue to increase, the better Take precautions. But, among the various services that today promise to keep your anonymity online, which one really delivers on its promises?

VPNs: Internet users’ favorite tool for maintaining their anonymity

To keep their identity secret and preserve their digital lives, many netizens choose a Free VPN or pay. In detail, this solution allows an Internet user to connect to a remote network. This allows you to encrypt your Internet traffic, Hide your IP address And finally, to remain anonymous online.

If we take the case of NordVPN, the Panamanian solution provides its users with advanced security features. It allows you to remain anonymous in all circumstances on the Internet. As we speak, this VPN provider is signing up Exponential growth of over 2,523%. While its biggest competitor can boast an increase of 597%.

In parallel with agent Tor Browser is seeing a slight decline in usage. In numbers, there is a decrease of 62%.

Proxy, Tor, or VPN: Which one to choose?

Online anonymity technologies have improved dramatically in recent years. Today, Internet users have access to various ways to ensure their anonymity online. Among the most famous of them is the agent, Tor And of course VPN. Note that each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages and may be more or less appropriate for your situation.


About a proxy, it is a server that allows Internet users to access online information anonymously by creating a file An encrypted connection between your device and a remote server. This hides your IP address, and therefore your identity on the Internet, giving you greater security and privacy when browsing the web.

Tor Browser

On the other hand, the Tor browser encrypts the data by passing it through several decentralized networks, which makes tracking it nearly impossible. In concrete terms, this technology transmits Through at least three serversthus encrypting the data at every step of the process.


Finally, there is a great similarity between a VPN and a proxy in that it hides your IP address and your real location, but this solution has a huge advantage: 256-bit AES encryption. This military-grade encryption is used by most companies and government agencies to ensure that only the recipient can read the data.

With all this information in mind, we can say that VPNs are the most effective option for surfing the web anonymously. In addition, the device allows Internet users to access content that is normally blocked in your region.

  • what is the best vpn Would netizens prefer to remain anonymous?

NordVPN is one of the best providers out there vpn To protect your privacy and anonymity online. This solution protects your identity by encrypting your internet traffic and hiding your IP address. And the icing on the cake: NordVPN Currently offering a huge promotion of up to 68% off all subscriptions for 2 years and 1 month free.

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