French company Cohort has raised €3.2 million to democratize NFTs

First startup studio project 3 foundersAnd a group survey 3.2 million euros in seed. The goal: to persuade new companies to adopt NFT Oh God marketing. meeting with Seraph de TracyCEO and co-founder.

A famous start-up manufacturer who owns two unicorns to his credit, eFounders It was very predictable Web 3. The company has set up Studio intended to launch in 2022 During the bull market and welcomed the first entrepreneurs, Seraph de Tracy And Nathan Burrell.

With a groupThe founders market a “digital engagement platform” in SaaS mode and aim to facilitate use cases NFT. However, the young shooter intends to stand outAryanion the same segment.

Make NFTs a tool like no other for marketing

But if the second one prefers luxury and fashion players, a group Targeting a larger market Small and large companies. He was his first client orphans. She now has fifteen.

Our ambition, from the beginning, has been to allow any brand, regardless of size, to launch their first NFT campaign in 5 minutes,” he explains. Seraphie De Tracy, CEO of the startup.

Thus, this apparent simplicity means masking the complexity inherent in Web3 technologies, which governor. “The uses are so complex and indigestible that there are a lot of hurdles to adoption.”

Cohort’s mission, via SaaS, is Remove these obstacles by simplifying. Another differentiating factor: a scalable product, as Web3 Campaigns has so far operated in agency mode.

We promised to prove that Web 3 Accessible to all brands and all consumers, we’ve delivered it,” says the manager. This therefore involves distinctive uses of collectibles and associated guesswork.

Our product targets brands that want to deliver experiences that are deeply rooted around their physical products and knowledge. We’re very far from speculative collectibles, insists Séraphie De Tracy.

NFTs to acquire, activate, and hold

Thus the uses must be compared to those developed by the actors in The traditional economy, like a casino, for example. It is especially about loyalty. The cohort also expected to prioritize these uses.

We see that our customers use us at all times of the life cycle, in acquisitions such as Etam, and in activations of brands with whom we develop concepts around their products,” explains the manager.

Fidelity is another area of ​​application for NFTs. These uses are part of a broader framework of Reinventing loyalty and points-based programs that “no longer matter to anyone.”

Starbucks Odyssey – based on the blockchain ribbed Like Cohort – an example of using NFTs to build loyalty. Without offering an NFT yet, fashion brand Kaporal launched a new loyalty program in 2021. Consumer interactions are changing, and for Cohort, they can take advantage of Web3.

Traditional Loyalty is showing unconvincing results in terms of store visits, notes its CEO. “There are a lot of requests for how to create Reward is not financial, but more experienced and personal “.

Tangible use cases for NFTs are essential for retail businesses. With Etam, and then with other brands, Cohort developed “experiments around new and attractive physical products.” Principle: “Sell more than a physical product to develop an overall experience.”

3.2 million euros of seed for acceleration

During her latest fashion show, Etam chose specific pieces from her collection. Upon purchase, the customer received the physical product at home, its 3D digital twin, access to an online loyalty account and a private in-store shopping session. Result: a A mixture of physical and digitalIncluding Metaverse.

This has found incredible success with Etam’s customer base, who want to be less in a transactional relationship,” asserts the young Web3 boss.

With the shoe brand Socque Paris, Cohort has also evolved NFT certificates associated with each sale. This code entitles you to free repairs upon submission. The NFT also makes it possible to take advantage of the premium price on the retailer’s e-commerce website.

Linking services to products is a growing trend in terms of business model: Subscription economy.

To support these trends, Cohort is implementing a First fundraiser start 3.2 million euros. The funding round is being led by IRIS and Axeleo Capital. also involved Kima Ventures And 3 co-founders, plus business angels: Camille Tien (Payplug), Guillaume Princen (Stripe), Brian O’Hagan (Sorare), Marianne Gosset (The Socialite Family).

regiment team

regiment team

The goal now is Acceleration financing. “We achieved in 6 months what we thought we would do in 18 months. It was the right time for us to accelerate,” explains Seraphie De Tracy. The regiment employs 8 people. It plans to triple that number in 2023 by hiring key positions, including marketing and sales.

On the product side, 2023 will also be dedicated to integration with existing customer applications: e-commerce websites, CMS, CRM, etc. For example, the group plans to “strengthen” its application Shopify and communicate with sales force. “It’s a big part of our roadmap.”

NFTs to connect brands of the future

The startup also aims to bring brands together to offer joint benefits. One The Zara NFT, for example, will allow access to benefits at Decathlon. “It’s a boundary that we’ve always had a hard time simply crossing,” the CEO asserts.

Thanks to NFT and its interoperability, these uses will now be possible to “reinvent loyalty dynamics”. Another advantage of Web3: getting rid of file sharing Customer data.

Finally, the challenge is to get from the first 15 customers to the next 100, but also to “sustain the presence that started in United State And that we want to grow.” These goals are for the next fundraising horizon, in 18 to 24 months. This future perspective, like a seed, is being handled quietly.

To impress investors, Cohort highlights market size Addressable, “The Real Economy” to be distinguished from the niche that Web3 comprises, uses and whose ambition is “to be part of the daily lives of brands, marketing professionals and end customers”.

3founders studio applies the same guideline. “All projects that come out of the studio are resilient in the bear market,” says its founder, Florent Quinte.

We are on concrete uses. Our thesis from the beginning has remained the same, unlike other players who have had to adapt due to the bear market.”

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