NFT: Dungeons & Dragons enters web legend 3

Community power Once upon a time in the land of wizards, warriors, priests, and elves, A.J gaming community Who does not want anything to change. Although web3 access and NFT ready to turn their world upside downFans of 20-sided cards and dice clung to the past. And the Almighty Publishing House Treatments the coast He had to turn around and abandon his plans. In the silent universe of endless parts of Dungeons & DragonsShe almost had a small revolution, but the people decided otherwise. if it was NFT Are the big winners in this game?

Dungeons & Dragons takes on NFTs

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is simply the most popular board game in history with no less than 50 million of people who have played at least one game, according to the publisher’s numbers. At the rhythm of the game master, you will evolve in the universe Medieval fantasy It is inhabited by a whole host of creatures with magical powers. Armed with your multiple dice, you will face fate and good luck trying to survive as long as possible. While completing missions are not less dangerous than each other.

So much for the mythological aspect, because for the rest it is also and above all a titanic work. Launched in the 70s, the game was about to disappear in 1997 when the first publishing house ran into financial troubles. This is where Coast Wizards (WoTC), enriched with the success of trading cards Charm, you will enter the game and get all D&D rights back. the following ? years of success and 1 million fans all over the world.

Medieval fantasy is in the spotlight with this legendary board game.  Dungeons & Dragons is at the center of controversy over copyright and especially over NFTs.
The number of Dungeons & Dragons players is in the millions

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Wizards of the Coast decide to change the rules

But at the beginning of 2023, the publisher’s parent company, Hasbro which bought WoTC in 1999, has decided to increase its income and wants to change certain rules. But before we go any further, a brief reminder of some aspects of this industry. Under copy right And Trademark Lawthere is a document defines Terms of use For everything related to the game and its universe. Derivative products, derivative book scripts or games, it was all there No copyright in WoTC. And so since 2000 on the basis of a baptismal document Open the game license (OGL) version 1.0a.

This document was closely related to another, namely System reference document Which details in its 400 pages all the instructions that must be followed to use all aspects of the game. From the characteristics of the characters to the weapons in the game, everything is described explicitly. This policy the win It allowed content creators to exploit the industry by advertising the game for free. And now back in early 2023. WoTC decided to go over all of that and reflects to version 1.1 of OGL.

The medieval fantasy universe enchants and enchants the web 3

Faced with an outcry, the publisher backed down

Gone are the days of free and make room for a fee. This is where it comes in Famous NFTs. Because this money is starting to fall into the universe and the publishing house does not want it:

“We wanted to reach those trying D&D in web3, blockchain games, and NFTs, where OGL content is limited to tabletop role-playing content.”

But the damage was done, because New proposal Too bad with fans and content creators about the game. And in the face of protest, WoTC offers the community to fill in Public opinion poll. result : 90% do not want No change. suddenly, Kyle BrinkThe Executive Producer announces his back on Well and Duty!

Although NFTs and web3 were not officially at the center of the dispute, observers could tell between the lines that they were very concerned about the publishing house. Because they can build up a lot of Revenues. In any case, it was urgent not to change anything for the community. And they won! affiliate NFT Dungeons & Dragons That does not return anything to its owner? Looking at the rest of the market, It’s hard to imagine that it will remain like this …

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