The purchasing manager of Lidl France deplores the lack of transparency of multinational companies

On the set of BFMTV, Michel Pierrot, Executive Director of Purchasing and Marketing at Lidl France, denounced the behavior of large multinationals. He claims that some of them are “asking for an increase of between 15 and 49%” in the prices of their products.

“A multinational company is asking us for a 30% increase without any justification, I’m quitting business with them.” While distributors have until March 1 to negotiate with manufacturers to set prices for the products to be purchased, Michel Piero, Executive Director of Purchasing and Marketing at Lidl France, sends a message to the multinationals.

On the BFMTV set, he accuses the big brands of not being “transparent to the vast majority” about their requests.

“I’m not saying they are all the same, but most are [de ces multinationales] Today they ask me between 15 and 49% more “on the prices of their products,” Michel Piero denounced.

“30% increase, why not. Inflation is going fast, why not,” says the Executive Director of Purchasing and Marketing at Lidl France. “But you have to explain to us at a minimum,” he pleads.

There is still a month left for all brands to negotiate prices for more than a thousand consumer products. Because of the inflation that hit the French, Many products are likely to go up in price.

Repercussions on the shelves after the first of March

Hence the current “balance of power” between the big brands (Lidl, Leclerc, Super U, etc.) and the big brands. “Including small and medium French companies,” specifies Michel Pierrot. “But we discuss. They show us transparency and we sign.”

“We don’t want to reject increases, we are aware of inflation in raw materials, but we just want transparency,” insists Lidl France’s executive director of purchasing and marketing.

Products from very large brands are “very likely” to disappear from Lidl shelves, Michel Pierrot announced, without giving a specific name. The average increase in shelf prices will be “at least 10%” as a result of higher purchase prices from brands.

“There will be job increases, in May, June and July, after which I dare hope it will be a little calmer,” he said. For his part, Michel Edward Leclerc explained a few days ago on BFMTV.

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