Inspirational Woman: Maude Perrault (Nelly Marketing)

Maud Perrault (She) is the president and founder of the agency Nelly Marketing

As a businesswoman, Maude has proven that it is possible to succeed in business while staying true to your personal convictions. His employees admire him for his sharp mind and ability to quickly understand complex situations. She is able to see situations from different angles and find creative and innovative solutions every time. In addition to her undeniable intelligence, this woman is also recognized for her great humanity! No matter the context, his empathy shines through and is felt every time. Maude has a real talent for putting people at ease and helping them feel confident, proving on a daily basis that it is possible to run a company and a team with the greatest amount of leadership and goodwill, and this, while encouraging the personal and professional development of his team. in his agency, Nelly Marketing Working four days a week, Maude ensures that she offers her employees balance in their private and work lives. The range of training and events she provides to her team allows everyone to develop and grow in their role.

All of her qualities together make her a leading professional in the marketing world. She is appreciated by her clients and colleagues for her warm personality and strategic mind. Her team fully agree that Maude is a golden leader and that she inspires her colleagues every day with her perseverance, kind and humane approach, and passion for her job.

  • What’s the best advice you’ve given her team? To trust your instincts, focus on your strengths, and anchor your weaknesses (nobody can be good at everything, that’s why we’re a team)!
  • What is your biggest risk?The biggest risk she has faced in her career is starting her own business, her own marketing, influence and content production agency.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies, she began her public relations career at CHAD Communications. She then joined the Substance team, where she was responsible for building the influencer marketing department, from the ground up. With her experience, Maude took the initiative and decided to start her own influencer marketing and content creation agency in 2019. Since then, Nelly Marketing Exponential growth!

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