NFT and Crypto winter: the end of the race for the Rally platform

The end of this NFT platform rally – In the race towards decentralized platforms, it is unlikely that one of them will make it to the finish line. This is the social platform gathering Which has so far facilitated link building between creators and their community.

End of service for the NFT Rally platform

Leaving the track, end game, checkmate… whatever terms are used, the truth is that the Rally podium is about to come out. This is what you learn in the file e-mail Sent to its users on the same day ofStop Services on January 31st. A hasty decision or an admission of failure after holding out until the last minute? no one knows. Because ? the Terrible year 2022 naturally.

“As many of you know, 2022 has been a difficult year, not only for our platform, but for the crypto industry as a whole. The team has worked tirelessly to find a way to keep moving forward. However, the macroeconomic challenges and headwinds are too strong to overcome in the current environment.”

assembly statement until then was a platform that allowed any creator to launch their own platform social icon. Therefore, a cryptocurrency that the community and fans of the artist can buy to support him in his work. All this in exchange for trade-based gifts and bonuses NFT. The more an artist is praised, the more mechanically the value of his society’s symbol. media personalities, Content creatorse-sports teams, music groups … Many have experimented with the platform, like the actress Felicia DayMusic BT Or the American football player for the LA Rams, Brandon Powell.

Decentralized platforms can be used to bring together communities and artists, provided it is done well.  The rally in this area just failed.
Creators and Artists: A decentralized link with their community via NFTs

“We will start terminating the platform services starting today due to lack of support. Maintaining the side rally chain was very expensive compared to the new tiers1 that came out recently.”

Rob Collier, CEO, Raleigh

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A decentralized platform that takes NFTs with it

Rob necklace may refer to Solana Network Usually. Blockchain which the RLY Network Association recently called a copy of RLI symbolRaleigh platform.

The problem, because there is a big problem, is that all Hosted NFTs Until then in the rally side series you will be blocked when services stop. Unfortunately for all NFT holders willing to immigrate to it Ethereumfor example, find themselves unable to do so, because these NFTs are in fact Not transferable.

The site will no longer be supported […] It may simply become ineffective. Also, since NFTs in the side rally series are not transferable to the main network [Ethereum]Once the site is closed, they will not be accessible. »

assembly statement

A huge loss for the artists, but also for all the people who have ever used the service.

“We are not abandoning our mission and our belief in a future where creators and their communities are empowered by Web 3 experiences. In fact, the Rally sidechain was only the beginning of our Web 3 adventure, not the destination.”

assembly statement

The team declared their desire to continue building on Web 3, leaving the entire community in limbo and commenting that some users had been deceived. Call it a scam After he swallowed their money. Something they disgust about web platforms 3.

Decentralized platforms, just like an ecosystem the challenge In general, they are barely moving into adolescence, after a very recent birth. In this Economic Wild WestReliable platforms are rare, and avoiding ones that turn out to be as flawed as Rally is an art in itself. So it is necessary to be very careful when venturing into this exhilarating world, sure, however stuffed with DeFi.

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