What’s in store for Web3 this year according to Coinhouse?

The platform that regulates investment, payments and services related to crypto assets, in BtoB and BtoC, has revealed its Web3 Trends Report this year. Focus on the prospects for the sector with Nicola Lovett, CEO of Coinhouse.

Include users in brand strategies.

Dubbed it the “token community,” the new study by Queen House It intends to highlight the future movements of the digital world, most notably Web3. Three key trends emerged from the company’s analytics, which specialize in solutions around digital assets, after accompanying dozens of luxury companies and CAC40’s main accounts. The aim of the report is to show how these trends for the future “They can become part of the economy on a long-term basis and fit into companies’ business models, demonstrating public interest in owning NFTs or immersing themselves in an experience associated with the digital world.” Coinhouse CEO Nicola Lovett made the announcement in an interview with Journal du Luxe.

They have been adopted by houses like Prada and Yves Saint Laurent Beauty through their NFTs, Web3 projects will continue to be a catalyst for community involvement. Brands must involve the public in their strategic decisions to strengthen their relationships and also create added value for the initiatives. “We have observed the evolution of interoperability between the NFT itself and customer feedback and understand their expectations.” Coinhouse CEO noted.

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The importance of the concept of community.

This trend goes hand in hand with Web3’s growth is more social to “Enabling as many people as possible to participate in the heart of digital technology”. if it is “Essential to streamline operations to engage the public”Accessibility and inclusion will reinvigorate social networks and digital operations. User focus on a consistent digital visual identity across NFTs and avatars across platforms, putting content creators center stage, improving communities in the form of DAOs – Decentralized Autonomous Organizations -… Reach and keep as many characters as possible.

Code to make everyday life easier.

Finally, if the Covid-19 virus changes the way of life of the public, The Web3 revolution can simplify the uses even further in the coming months. The report highlights the use of blockchain authentication certificates, product traceability guarantees, security against counterfeiting, and better positioning in the flea market. In addition to these benefits, the technologies should also improve inventory management for brands. “Some services can also pre-select future areas of consumption or allow the public to pre-order things.”.

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While that “For the discerning consumer, owning a luxury digital good represents the rarity and exclusivity of home offerings.”The Token Society study highlighted issues that need to be taken into consideration The healthy development of the virtual world. Between environmental responsibility, risks of fraud and theft, and protection of the brand image, the industry will have to be more vigilant in order to deliver a virtuous Web3 to its community and avoid bad buzz that is so harmful. In real life.

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