De Croo’s government receives its 10 cipher orders – Business AM

In plenary session next Thursday, the Federal Parliament will have to express its opinion on the decision of the Technology Advisory Committee. The result of nearly two years of work and hearings, this text asks the executive branch to strengthen the framework for the use of cryptocurrencies and their societal, financial and environmental impacts. Context: … Read more

Galaxy Digital CEO praises cryptocurrency exchange

After the fall of FTX, many analysts said that the next giant to fall would be Binance. But the CZ exchange has thrived instead, capturing 92% of the spot bitcoin (BTC) market. Today, some players in the new industry feel that Binance deserves to be congratulated. Such is the case of the CEO of Galaxy … Read more

Cryptocurrency lawyer: A job with a future

Concrete defense of cryptocurrency – when we think of deals surrounding the Bitcoin (BTC) sector Digital currencieswe think about it Developers and engineers Or traders and financial professionals. But another field of activity promises to be very prosperous with Many regulations (all more complex than the other) which amount to regulating crypto assets: Attorney. Crypto … Read more

Polygon price explodes but these 3 coins can do x10

MATIC is the native token of the Polygon blockchain and is mainly used to solve scalability and fee problems faced by the Ethereum blockchain. After being stuck for several weeks in the price region between $0.92 and $1.05, MATIC rallied to reach $1.12 last Thursday, up 13% from today. This latest rally has pushed MATIC’s … Read more

User successfully predicts the “future” of Bitcoin using ChatGPT

JVTech News User successfully predicts the “future” of Bitcoin using ChatGPT Posted on 01/29/2023 at 19:20 sharing : Since its launch, the AI ​​tool has multiplied conversations on diverse and diverse topics. Among these topics, the program seems to understand the usefulness of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and according to it, the future of its digital … Read more

The White House calls for better cryptocurrency regulation in 2023

The White House unveiled its roadmap for regulating the cryptocurrency ecosystem in 2023. The Biden administration is specifically calling on Congress to strengthen regulators’ authority to prevent platforms from misusing customer funds. The Biden administration is talking about regulating cryptocurrency On Friday, the White House released its roadmap for 2023 in terms of Regulation … Read more

Anthony Scaramucci Firmly Believes in the Bitcoin (BTC) Boom

A few days ago, Anthony Scaramucci, Head of SkyBridge Capital, gave an analysis on the cryptocurrency industry. He predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) would explode, within the next two to three years, reaching $50,000 to $100,000. Although few market analysts share his opinion, the entrepreneur returns to the charge. This time he has new arguments. Fed … Read more