Occitane Innov. Philippe Desertain’s Positive View of the “Great Climate Shift”

Philippe Desertain does not suffer from environmental anxiety. Economist and teacher [1] On the contrary, the growing awareness of “mostly human-caused” global warming is a “historical shift” that leads us “into an incredible period.” See also: Take Air: “We are working with ski resorts in the Pyrenees so that they think about climate adaptation” This … Read more

OpenAI launches an AI discovery tool

With the popularity of ChatGPT, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish human-generated content from machine-generated content. To reduce this problem, OpenAI has recently released an open source tool for AI-generated text detection. LIA is becoming an increasingly popular content generation tool, especially with the popular ChatGPT. This can be articles, social media posts, and … Read more

Automate provisioning of your infrastructures

Terraform is a tool that allows users to easily deploy and manage their computing environments across multiple cloud platforms. It allows creating reusable infrastructure models that can be applied to different environments. Terraform has become one of the most popular tools for infrastructure management. This enthusiasm is mainly due to its ease of use and … Read more

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be at the heart of all economic activities

The main applications of AI and machine learning relate to predictive intelligence and decision support. For each application, the power comes not from the machines, but from the decision makers behind the machines, directing their reaction to the predictions. A scientist at the Max Planck Institute sums up the main issue well: “Artificial intelligence will … Read more

A great digital school: Ile-de-France focuses a quarter of its training on information technology

In an observatory called the Gender Survey, the Big School of Records identified IT skills needs and distributed available technology training across the country. As of January 1, 2023, 14,000 educational paths in information technology have been identified, including 25% in the Paris region. Hiring is supported in Project Management, Security, Cloud, Networking and Telecom. … Read more

Discover the #1 option for internet users to remain anonymous

From protecting privacy against hackers to being able to circumvent geographic restrictions on certain sites and services, there are many reasons people might want to protect their anonymity online. Between VPN, Tor Browser and Which Proxy Do You Prefer? Confidentiality and security are among the main concerns of Internet users when browsing the web. It … Read more

Hackers recruit for $20,000 a month

Gangs of cybercriminals post many job offers on the dark web, in order to recruit hackers, developers and other IT professionals. In addition to organizing real job interviews, these criminal organizations offer more attractive salaries than companies. When Tor replaces Pôle Emploi, go behind the scenes of a thriving illegal industry! At a time when … Read more

Optimum auto accelerates internationally » PACA Economic and Political Bulletin

This is a French company, expert in fleet verification through international acceleration. Daniel Vasalucci, CEO of Optimum Automotive, stated: “The in-depth transformation of company fleets and mobility in general, for energy conservation are issues of paramount importance for the planet. LOM in France requires that 50% of company fleets of more than 100 vehicles now … Read more

Parcoursup: Louis-le-Grand High School opens CPES with PSL University

CPES for Louis-le-Grand High School and University PSL is offered for the first time at Parcoursup. This two-year course will interest graduates who are attracted to the humanities. Lycée Louis-le-Grand opens a new course. An extremely rare occurrence for this historic establishment on Mount Sainte-Geneviève. The Collegium Ludovici Magni or “College of Louis-le-Grand”, named in … Read more

In the face of ChatGPT, the Chinese giant Baidu will launch its own artificial intelligence

Baidu, China’s largest search engine, will launch its own artificial intelligence (AI) to compete with ChatGPT. The company believes that this new artificial intelligence can be used to improve the search services provided to customers. The company also plans to launch a platform that will allow third-party developers to build applications based on its own … Read more