Citizens Workshop! Toby Lyon, Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Culture D: Citizens Workshop! Toby, March 7, 2023, Lyon. Culture D: Citizens Workshop! Tuesday March 7th at 5:30 pm Tunis time Workshop organized by OpenDataFrance and TUBÀ, March 07, 2023, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. TUBÀ 227 cours Lafayette, Lyon La Villette Lyon 69006 Lyon Metropolis Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes [{“link”: “”}] Big data, open data, self-data… … Read more

Italy is among the top five countries in Europe in terms of green technology competitiveness – ANSA2030

Italy and its regions are competitive in green technologiesafter school Enrico Fermi Research Centre (Cref), filed at Cnel on January 25, in collaboration withEconomics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and the Inequality and Diversity Forum. Research analyzes environmentally friendly technology, which represents an important tool for reducing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also … Read more

Science Po Wants To Ban ChatGPT: Is It Really Possible?

Sciences Po Paris recently announced that it is banning the use of ChatGPT by its students. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence that can be used to generate answers to certain questions. University students were shocked by the board’s decision to ban artificial intelligence from campuses. This action was taken after an investigation by the council. … Read more

It’s time for a change for big data storage and analytics

Hadoop legacy Over time, the Hadoop Big Data framework has run out of steam, but the core concepts it introduces (with MapReduce as the processing principle, bringing data closer to CPUs, using commoditized hardware to build semi-structured data analysis clusters), have become the heart of data analysis systems. modern. Hadoop has also given birth to … Read more

New technologies are disrupting the financial sector

The advent of digital technologies has renewed and reshaped the financial landscape. Today, securities are bought and sold mainly through computer programs that react in nanoseconds (faster than a person can) to the smallest fluctuations in the market. On the selling side, the formation and liquidation of securities portfolios has undergone tremendous changes due to … Read more

Tibu Africa and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Morocco reward young social sports entrepreneurs

The NGO Tibu Africa and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Morocco honored, recently at Technopark in Casablanca, young entrepreneurs in the second promotion of its Sports Orange Corners program focusing on high-impact sports entrepreneurship. This program covers four main areas, namely Sport and Education, Sport and Health, Sport and Environment and Sport, New Technologies … Read more

These clothes protect you from facial recognition

Do these garments really allow you to thwart facial recognition? Anyway, this is the promise of this Italian label with its new collection called Manifesto. The project is largely based on privacy. the Italian label Cap_able surprises with him The Manifesto Clothing Kit protects against facial recognition cameras. This without having to cover your face. … Read more

ESIGELEC Opens a Bachelor’s Program in Intelligent and Connected Systems Maintenance » PACA Economic and Political Newsletter

ESIGELEC’s new Bachelor’s degree in Maintenance of Intelligent and Connected Systems (MSIC), in agreement with IMT Nord Europe, opens in September 2023 in Rouen. It is one of the licensing bachelor’s programs offered at Parcoursup and is accessible from science-predominant general stations, STI2D stations, and professional baccalaureate. The selection process will take place through Concours … Read more

Dell buys Cloudify for $100 million

The trend for organizations to adopt cloud orchestration to manage their infrastructure and applications continues to grow. To adapt to this growing demand, Dell has acquired Israeli startup Cloudify. Cloudify is a cloud orchestration platform that enables organizations to manage and deploy multicloud applications. This acquisition certainly represents an important step in Dell’s strategy to … Read more