Val d’Oise Students Exhibition with the Ile-de-France Region

The region is a partner in a major orientation/reorientation meeting for high school and university students, on January 28, 2023 at Cergy-Pontoise University. Focusing on science and technology studies. theThe Student Fair in Val d’Oise takes place on January 28, 2023 at the ChĂȘnes site of CY Cergy Paris University, in Cergy-Pontoise (95). This is … Read more

It’s all about quality management

Quality management is an element that has gained great importance for companies in recent years. It is a set of techniques, processes and tools to improve the quality of the products or services provided by the company. Quality management is essential for any company that wants to provide products or services that meet customers’ expectations … Read more

A dark web market that has been hacked by a competitor

Sites on the dark web are fighting an uphill battle for market share, even if it means cutting through competitors. This is exactly what happened to Solaris, a market known for drug trafficking. Solaris, one of the largest dark web marketplaces, has been hacked Hydra was the Dark Web’s largest market even him Dismantled in … Read more

Programmatic artificial intelligence for human resources in the service of recruitment and branding for employers

What is Cecil’s ambition? This fast-growing company, which grew out of a Facebook incubator in 2019, helps organizations recruit candidates, students or coaches thanks to My human resources program. This new specialty relies on big data and artificial intelligence to find the ideal candidates for the jobs to be filled. One of the stated advantages … Read more

Businesses must use data to drive exponential growth

Business growth is essential to its survival, but I’m smashing doors by saying this. Growing a business is essential to its survival, but I’m opening doors by saying this. On the other hand, do all business leaders understand that their growth depends on better management of their data? I’m not sure! Over the past decade, … Read more

ADR: Original Equipment Manufacturers, key sustainability partners in the automotive sector

Encouraged by the emergence of new technologies, the advent of the car of the future has transformed the automobile industry. Often described by the acronym CASE – Connected, Independent, Shared and Electric – this vehicle must also be very respectful of the environment. For manufacturers, this is already reflected in the impossibility of selling new … Read more