Startup announces it is hiring AI-driven two as marketing and engineering interns, sparks controversy over impact on youth employment

Codeword, a technology marketing agency, announced earlier this month that it has added two new participants to its internship program. Grandma? “Interns” are artificial intelligence systems. These AI-driven interns are “hired” for a three-month training and will eventually join the 106-person team at Codeword and work under the nominee executives. This news has led to … Read more

Dekuple: How Branding Improves Performance Marketing

Brand building, “branding,” is to develop goodwill, define brand positioning, strengthen it, and create association with customers and consumers. This business requires a long-term investment, thanks to the image campaigns, but also, in particular, through the development of its presence on the web and social networks, which requires time. Performance marketing aims to measure and … Read more

Prospek becomes rich in employment and appointments

Prospect Improves his team with arrival Valentine’s Day flame As a digital strategist and promoter of Melissa Cloutier as Operations Manager. Valentine joins the performance marketing team at Prospect And bring ample baggage. After studying at a business school in France and having internships in Ireland, Spain and Portugal, our new strategist has developed his … Read more

A digital marketing agency serving VSE companies and SMEs

In the face of the challenges of digitization, small and medium-sized businesses today must reinvent themselves by adopting new codes, in order to remain competitive. A mission through which The First Blossom Agency accompanies them, by designing a strategy tailored to them according to their specific needs. Personal digital strategy The First Blossom is a … Read more

Harry and Meghan lose two other key Archewell employees.

Harry and Meghan’s business Archewell has lost two more key employees – bringing the total number of workers lost since 2018 to 16. The company. Ms. Taylor oversaw the marketing team during the release of Harry’s memoirs, Spear, and the couple’s Netflix documentary series. The Telegraph reports that the duke and duchess are “extremely grateful” … Read more

who are we ? – BH info

BH info It is one of the most popular and accurate digital news sites on the web. We provide news and information about the latest trends in technology, science and entertainment. We strive to provide reliable information and unbiased opinions on topics of interest to our readers. Our mission is to share high-quality information with … Read more

What is Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)?

CPA is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Used in digital marketing to measure customer acquisition or conversion cost. It is calculated by dividing the total spend for an advertising or marketing campaign by the number of conversions obtained. This allows companies to understand how much it costs them to acquire a customer or make a … Read more