Why did bitcoin transaction fees increase?

Since January, transfer fee bitcoin It exploded due to a very simple phenomenon. Bitcoin transactions undermined by a protocol? Since last January, Bitcoin enthusiasts have noticed a continuation of a phenomenon: the transfer fee On the blockchain currency exploded. The fault may lie in a new protocol. Actually, The Ordinals Protocol, published in early 2023, … Read more

What’s in store for Web3 this year according to Coinhouse?

The platform that regulates investment, payments and services related to crypto assets, in BtoB and BtoC, has revealed its Web3 Trends Report this year. Focus on the prospects for the sector with Nicola Lovett, CEO of Coinhouse. Include users in brand strategies. Dubbed it the “token community,” the new study by Queen House It intends … Read more

NFT: Dungeons & Dragons enters web legend 3

Community power Once upon a time in the land of wizards, warriors, priests, and elves, A.J gaming community Who does not want anything to change. Although web3 access and NFT ready to turn their world upside downFans of 20-sided cards and dice clung to the past. And the Almighty Publishing House Treatments the coast He … Read more

All the details of the “Monkey Drainer” scam exposed by CertiK

Source: AdobeStock / kaliantye The latest report published by the security platform certificate Two people behind a multi-million dollar scam revealed. However, the partnership between these two seems to be difficult. a report Explain that a “number” of scammers have used a phishing toolkit known as “Drying monkeyIn the past two months. This type of … Read more

The lawsuit opened between Hermes and Mason Rothschild, the creator of the NFT

Lawsuit between luxury brand Hermès and digital artist Mason Rothschild It is scheduled to start on Monday, January 30th. House of Hermes accuses the Californian Infringement of intellectual property rights by selling a group of NFT Titled “MetaBirkins” Strongly inspired by the famous bags of the French brand. This case should clarify the companies’ rights … Read more

All Prada Timecapsule owners can now get an NFT.

In order to further its digital community, the House is allowing all holders of extremely rare TimeCapsule collections to obtain their NFT associated with their previous purchase. Activation comes a few days before the February drop. Ninth edition TimeCapsule related to NFT. Prada continues its digital endeavor. Virtual ambassador for the Prada Candy fragrance, Riders … Read more