Frenchman Surari signs partnership with the English Premier League

Collection – The company that oversees the English Premier League also becomes an investor in the French startup by putting in its capital Collectible paninis and stickers have changed a lot. French startup Sorare has created an online sports sticker exchange game based on unique collectible digital objects (NFT), has a four-year “licensing agreement” with … Read more

Web3 will shape the boundaries more “phygital”.

Experiences that bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world, like the sneakers found both in the metaverse and on your feet. An emerging use case in this area is utility NFTs, which are a type of NFT designed to provide their owners additional value beyond physical digital assets. Help NFTs provide … Read more

RobotEra, a popular cryptocurrency project: here’s why

RobotEra He became one of the rising stars in the metaverse gaming scene. Along with an impressive storyline and many ways to earn money, this game has already excited many gamers. What is RobotEra? RobotEra is a new game project in the metaverse. This platform was announced in 2022 and is characterized as combining different … Read more

Prada has announced its ninth exclusive NFT collection

women’s fashion Prada has announced its ninth exclusive NFT collection Prada announced the launch of its ninth exclusive collection, the NFT “Timecapsule” during a drop on February 2nd. Following the trend of Web3.0 Prada is more committed to the digital community and NFT lovers with this collection. How far … Read more

Azuki’s Twitter account was hacked, several NFTs and $750,000 stolen

Unfortunately, pools of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are still prime targets for hackers, and Project Azuki has paid the price. A malicious person took over the project’s Twitter account to share a phishing link and managed to steal money from some users. Azuki’s Twitter account is in the wrong hands Friday January 27th Non-Fungible Token … Read more

Meet the co-founder of the Bored Ape Yacht Club

On February 24th and 25th, NFT Paris will bring together the ecosystem’s most popular players, including the co-founder of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, or BAYC. First-time fans, enthusiasts, those discovering and wanting to understand this emerging industry, investors… Everyone will have the opportunity to meet the leaders of the most influential NFT companies. Go … Read more

NFT: OpenSea is subject to legal action

After a subpoena in a wire fraud case, OpenSea finds itself at the center of a new case. This time the plaintiff is Robbie Acres, an NFT collector who has been the victim of a phishing scam. He is currently filing a lawsuit against OpenSea. Reasons given: Non-response and account lock. The NFT collector claimed … Read more