The new school for training future Web3 players

In the face of the growing demand from companies in the cryptocurrency industry, a new school has emerged to train tomorrow’s talents in Web3 jobs. Called Blockchain Business School (BBS), it offers many courses ranging from learning development to project management, suitable for all profiles. BBS Overview. Blockchain Business School (BBS) : la nouvelle école … Read more

The NFT Factory receives approximately 2,000 visitors per week.

NFT Factory Paris has been open to the public since October 22nd, and completes its first hundred days of existence on January 30th. Its manager makes an initial assessment and future prospects for this Web3 niche. Lucie-Eleonore Riveron, General Manager, NFT Factory. © Pierre Louis Bertrand What happened during the first 100 days of the … Read more

Discover the next generation of play-to-win gaming with Calvaria

The emergence of blockchain technology has had a widespread impact on real-world activities. Distributed ledger technology is now intruding into healthcare, securities, and financial transactions. But, Where blockchain is making the most waves is in the gaming industry. Instead of offering the thrill of adventure alone, blockchain games now include a financial incentive as part … Read more

He loses all his NFTs – the million dollar pie

Caution or safety? Many scammers are proliferating in the cryptocurrency environment. The latter is waiting for the slightest error in order to try to do so Stealing your property. The Moonbird co-founder found out the hard way after losing $1.1 million in… NFT. $1.1 million stolen in a phishing attack 25 January, Kevin Roseknown for … Read more

Amazon and Cryptocurrency: NFT and Games Planned for April?

Amazonthe world’s leading retail company, will not miss the opportunities it offersCryptoworld Offers. According to several informed sources, Amazon is preparing to launch a website Displays dedicated to NFTFun and unique. Amazon and Cryptocurrency: A Love Story The company remains relatively discreet about its aspirations in the field of Digital currencies. Although they never closed … Read more

Porsche’s first set of NFTs didn’t convince

Porsche Digital Workshop. Source: Porsche German luxury car brand Porsche managed to sell only about 25% of its first batch of 7,500 NFTs. In just over 24 hours, about 1,909 NFTs have sold at 0.911 ETH per unit, or about $1,414 at the time of writing. “The owners of our NFTs have spoken,” announce On … Read more